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leneorgreylmasqueMeg hair, I am going to make you want to throw up reading this (Happy Humpday.) I want to throw up writing this because I know there’s a great chance I’ll never experience this again in my life. I’m going with the whole “It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.” Replace “love” with “flying private.” That doesn’t even sort of make sense. Once you are lucky enough to “fly private” even first class is a bummer. I’m not saying I don’t love it. These days I’m in the coach cabin, I’m just saying, there is nothing like flying (as a guest) on a private plane.

No security, no check-in, no rush. The car drives right to the plane and no one is taking off until you get in. Then once you’re in your seat you have your own personal stewardess bringing you mimosa’s and omelette’s and really anything you could ever want. Your chair lounges out full sleeping size and you’re covered in cashmere blankets and comfy pillows and spoiled beyond. It really is the only way to fly. I mean the only way if you have 100mm in the bank but why put a price on happiness? Disclaimer, I have traveled that way four times in my entire life. I hope to double that number at some point but right now I’m an member looking for deals. Times change, it’s important to be able to roll with current situations. But DAMN, that was awesome!

I only put a lot of stock into money in the way it can open up new experiences. God knows I don’t cling to it. God wishes I did a bit. I used to argue with my ex husband “But Jason, I could be hit by a bus and dead tomorrow! Why wont you let me enjoy it!?” He would just shake his head and say “Or you’ll live to be 80 and be broke!” I always tuned him out after the 80 line.

We all work so damn hard! Why is it sinful to spend sometimes? What on earth is the point if we can’t indulge in some fantastically over the top decadence? You work like a dog, I work like one as well (not my dog, she sleeps all day and eats amazing, catered S.A.D. Dog Sushi)


Really, last time I checked we had one go around. One go around. Let that sink in for a second. Excuse my reincarnation people, but we’re not coming back. Soak in the sun, buy the pretty dress take the last minute change of plans. You don’t know where that stuff will lead. I know where it’s going to lead if you don’t shake it up, you’re never going as a guest ona private flight. You’re just not. Those things only happen to people willing to talk to strangers, willing to be spontaneous and willing to step out of convention. Come join me. You’ll like it here!

Much like stepping onto a private plane, Leonor Greyl Mask Quintessence is not subtle in letting you know that you’ve “arrived.” On presentation alone you know you’re dealing with a fine piece of art. The packaging is no joke. It looks and feels like fine crystal. I would put this on my mantle…Except, my mantle isn’t fancy enough. Leonor Greyl Mask Quintessence is “ooh” and “aah” worthy.

I had a tough boy and work week, both were severe pains in the ass (OK, you may not have been on a private plane but I’m guessing we’ve all had THAT trip.) On top of it, my hair was looking pretty dull and dried out. Being a Catholic with severe guilt for reasons I don’t even know (I bump into furniture and apologize…to my couch.) I couldn’t open this $141.00 mask unless I could share it. It has nothing to do with Easter, I think I’m Jesus all year long.

Seriously, I couldn’t indulge it all for myself. This coming from a woman that not only used to get bummed out over first class but thinks Chanel is quite “reasonable.” Why was Leonor Greyl intimidating me with this fabulousness when I think of myself as fabulosity squared?

I thought it may be psycho symatic. I know this mask costs ONE HUNDRED FORTY ONE DOLLARS. Did it smell better because I knew? The scent (and I have no sense of one-yet it came back when I put this on, so now it works sense miracles) The floral bouquet of rich blossoms invigorated my scalp and yes, my scalp had a scent that can only be described as “filthy rich.”  I applied this thick, buttery lotion to my tresses and waited the 20 minutes. All the while I felt like Oprah (I know weird, but I imagine this is the stuff she uses everyday.)

After I showered and blew dryed my tresses, the rich, floral scent still lingered. Is part of the price never having to buy a perfume again? I don’t know, but they should add that to their sell. I don’t want to blow my own horn, but I looked totesamaze! My hair was a dream! I did what any good reviewer does. I looked for new opinions. I asked my roomies to try. I didn’t tell them the price. I just handed it to them. Here’s KristenOsborne88 review, not knowing anything about price or Leonor Greyl.


I was just home visiting my mother for Easter. At dinner she told me (amongst other things) that I need to lose some weight, get engaged, move back to NY and CUT MY HAIR. She said it was, and I quote “dead and scraggly” looking. Oh mothers….

Anyhow, imagine my delight when I came home and Meg had just gotten one of her many shipments which included a super duper luxe hair mask by Leonor Greyl.

 Thinking of my mother’s kind words I decided it was worth a try.

 So, a few things, I’ve never used a hair mask before and I’ve been using horse shampoo for the past month or so to try to help my split ends.

 Okay, so you can put this mask on wet or dry hair. I like this option because it means I don’t have to take two showers. (We had two hair masks and a dye job going on in the house at this time, so the shower was in high demand)  Loved the jar, super fancy and looks very expensive. The product felt like a rich, buttery body lotion, I was tempted to put it on my fat thighs (thanks mom). The thing is, it takes a lot of lotion to cover my whole head and I felt bad using too much because it looks like you could only get about 4 masks out of the jar – so I’m not sure of the overall bang for your buck, but keep in mind, I have SO much hair. It’s past my boob. Way past.

 I covered my hair, especially the ends, and then tied it in a loose bun at the base of my head. The instructions say to leave it in for 20 minutes, I did 35 just for kicks. It smelled delicious. Like vanilla meets floral meets cake batter – and 24 hours later I still smell like a rich spa. I washed the product out and let it air dry. What I LOVED about this is that my hair dried with zero frizz….it looked so pretty and still does. It also feels softer.

I was so glad I got to be Meg’s guinea pig again. She just told me how much it costs. I’m getting another job. I love this! Maybe my mother will lay off me if she can just smell my new, rich and amazing hair! I mean new and rich? Maybe that will let her dream of prospectives?

Thanks KristenOsborne88! if you’re going to win your mother’s love through a hair mask it might as well be from the top one in the world! Leonor Greyl’s Award Winning Masque Quintessence Doesn’t mask issues! It heals them!

What is your richest experience and how amaze is this mask? We’re sending one to the best answer!!


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