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I’m a firm believer in judging a book by its cover. By this, I mean, of course, actual books. I feel the same way about wine. A nice label usually means what’s inside will taste good, too. Seems to me if you’re willing to spend the time and money on a product’s packaging, chances are you’re spending time and money on what goes inside.

When I lived in Los Angeles, my roommate and I would always bemoan the horrible packaging of milk in that city. You just couldn’t find milk in a cute carton. How hard can it be? Instead, we were stuck with a carton with a pink and silver silhouette of a girl in a headband and aerobics outfit, ala Olivia Newton-John. This was not in the 80’s. It was, like, 2002. It turned my stomach every morning when I put it in my coffee. Sure, it’s just milk, but all the same…

Beyond the label goes the actual design of the package. In this day and age where grocery stores have anti-bacterial hand sanitizer for people to use on shopping carts, you’d think that the bacterially-aware packaging of skincare and cosmetics would follow. What is it with hundred+ dollar face creams that still come in a jar? I’m not by any means a germophobe, but I still don’t want to stick my finger into my eye cream every morning and night. If you want me to pay $150 for what’s inside, at least make it sanitary for me to use.

And am I wrong when I say that anything, anything, meant for use in the shower should be designed for ease of use under running water? Shower products – be they bath gel, scrubs, shampoo, conditioner – need to be in either a pump or a flip-top tube. You need to be able to get to the product without it being doused by hot water, and you need to be able to do it fast. I don’t’ want to be messing around with screw tops, jars, tubs or glass bottles, thank you very much!!!

Here’s a company that understands both of the above concepts. The fabulous Colleen Forgey sent me some samples of the Australian line, Kusco-Murphy, which included the wash and rinse from their ‘O’ssential Collection. This is one of the few haircare lines that you could leave out on your counter to impress houseguests. It’s this sort of Asian-inspired moderno graphic that’s very pleasing to the eye, plus it matches my bathroom theme of turquoise, white and brown!

The collection is “infused with nutritious and calmative properties to restore hair… exhausted by chemical and environmental stress… using aromatherapy to promote harmonious feelings of tranquility, uplifting the mind, body and spirit.”

The packaging alone does this for me, but beyond that, both come in a bottle with a pump. Yes, a pump! Package designers take note! This is what women want! Pumps!!! Am I wrong? Speaking of pumps, I’ve been thinking lately about shoe shopping for fall and just don’t know what to do. I’m seriously considering investing in some flats. I also can’t live without a great pair of boots. But now, hmmm… I’m finding myself thinking about pumps.

Anyone else with me? I can’t resist a pretty package!


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