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kerastase2Now more than ever, most of us do damage to our hair everyday via heat-drying and styling, heavy use of sprays and product! Although we can get a grip on how many times you insist on passing the flatiron over a single of section of hair, the environment is also a culprit when it comes to damaging our beautiful hair! Goddess Granny here and I have REALLY processed hair: it’s several shades of red. It’s sometimes even bleached with blonde in the mix and I get my hair colored every four weeks come hell or high water! Red hair color is notoriously hard to maintain. I do try to maintain it, limiting my washings to couple times a week and embracing “dry” shampoos in the meantime. I use shampoos/conditioners that promise not to strip my expensive coloring services the day after I wash. I also hear it from my blonde-buds that they too have to baby their tresses to avoid brassiness and fading. Honestly, it can be a battle of wits and products!

“Micro-Voile” Protecteur” (don’t you love how sexy and French it sounds?Kiss is SUCH an asset in my battle to win against fading red hair and it’s so lovely to use: you simply give your hair a few spritzes from the sexy-red container and the light and lovely-scented mist moisturizes AND protects your hair from UV damage. It acts as a shield against all that would steal it’s shine and color! It provides anti-frizz and anti-humidity protection as well! It amps up the shine, a hard working/multi-tasking product for sure! It’s non-greasy, enriched with vitamin E, and stops that color- degradation the sun and all light causes when it bounces off your pretty lil’ head! It’s been voted one of “In Style” magazine’s “Best of Beauty” for 2010 and I think it’s a WINNER as well! I love knowing that a a few simple sprays strengthen, shine and really protect my color without having to read any fine-print on “how to use” the product…It just works like it’s “supposed” to!

If you live in a sunny climate, like to swim in chlorinated pools (or just want to go about your day knowing that you’ve done your part in preserving your investment.) Always helping to prevent future-damage, this elegant Keratase product will quickly become a favorite product and I promise you’ll never toss it in a drawer or want to run out once you give it a try! I think the entire line of Keratase products cannot be beat and they have a really nice site where you can browse and buy as well!

This is a unique and much-appreciated product and I welcome any/all Keratase products to the TOP SHELF of my life, they are fabulous and they work!

Complimentary standard shipping and samples with every order and you can browse by your specific hair texture and needs and watch “how to videos” as well as read about some really amazing “best in the biz” stylist’s and how/what/why they also LOVE Keratase products!

This is the website for anyone (and who doesn’t!) who wants their hair to be, look and stay fabulous and healthy! Every Keratase product I have tried lasts forever because you’re getting exceptional quality, just as you would expect!

Do you also baby your hair and believe in taking care of your color/time/effort-investment with products that are designed to maintain your fresh from a salon look? Do your think all hair products are created “equal” or are some simply “the best?”

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