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meghairMeg hair! I have been working my ass off, I write until, well let’s see still writing at 12:00am on a Friday night. Party lifestyle! While I’ve been working I’ve been flipping through the cable channels and I realize why is NOT HUGE! 

After tons of brain matter, hours of blogging, experimenting, filming and meeting taking I now know the secret of Hollywood success. It really is the flipping boob-length hair extensions that are wavy just past the shoulders.

I swear, I can’t tell one damn reality star after another. I watched some eyesore called “Rockstars wives” and I could not for the life of me tell one Rockstar wife (is that one word) from another. It wasn’t like “Oh, Duff’s wife is the one with the short pixie.” Apparently, women with hair shorter then their shoulders are not allowed airtime! 

It’s not just some rockstar tarts that are taking the airwaves by storm. I watched E! I watched Guiliana and Cat Sandler with their long faux wavy extensions. I got sick of them so I tuned into Bravo where I got to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Faux waist-lenght extensions galore. I can’t win. If it’s good enough for Kim, Taylor and Camille (hate Camille) then it’s good enough for me. I’ll make the short hair statement AFTER I get significant airtime. If I can’t beat them then I have to join them right? Then I’ll go all statement and Mia Farrow pixie it!  

I wish I could be all feminist with you and roar something but I can’t roar a thing. I can barely growl a slight whisper. Boobie implants? Got em. Botox? Every three months. Do I wear uncomfortable heels so my legs look higher and my ass looks perkier? Does a bear shit in the woods? 

I have the wrong hair! This is the problem. I have very thin hair, always grey at the roots. I have tresses that tend to get dry after the ears and oily at the roots….MMmmm Sexy! I do the best I can but how can I compete with these TV personalities with perfect hairdays every darn day!?! 

I have given up. I have called in the experts. I am fighting fire with fire and if it takes 23 inch clip in hair in the shade of Golden Wheat then I will play this game.  I sent an email off to Ken Paves requesting amazing hair that will take 5 seconds to clip-in for my TV appearances. He took pity on me and I will be picking up my new hair tomorrow afternoon from the post office. That’s something right? Picking my new hair up…

My roots? Will it match? Well, to play it safe I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the amazing colorist Marco Pelusi to match my new long hair. I don’t have any idea why I’ve been spending all this time actually learning when I should have been just clipping in some human hair! Now that I will be hugely successful I’m going to need some amazing hair accessories. I mean, get used to me people. Once I clip in my magic locks I may have a seat on The View. Yes, me and my flowing locks and my FiFi Head wrap will be all the rage!

This picture? Well it’s from Halloween when I went as Jessica Rabbit and Megsjester a matador. I can’t tell you how many people came up to me at that party and said “Oh, you look sooo good with long hair.”

Fine, you all win. The hair is on the way! What do you ladies think of hair extensions and clip-ons?

My New Hair! 

My Amazing Colorist Marco Pelusi! 

My new Hair Accessories!

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