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Welcome to “Fabulous Fridays” with Desertdoll. Where we will be bringing you the best of the best, no expenses spared, dream items. At first thought it may seem we’re creating a dilemma for some of you. Sure that $75 dollar soap is the most gorgeous bar you’ve ever seen, but who can afford it? But here’s the thing-these are splurge items. Either for yourself if you simply MUST have them or as a gift that will absolutely floor the recipient. Your best friend’s monumental birthday, your husband gets a raise, -anyone who really deserves something special. Or anyone you really want to impress-your mother-in-law, your boss, and your “friend” who secretly drives you nuts by constantly one-upping you. And believe me, if you fall in love with these items and have to have them, there’s always a way. I ate Chef Boyardee for a month straight in college to save for a purse. Luckily I don’t have to do that anymore and I don’t recommend it, but all I’m saying is that there are always ways…

So I’m going to ease you into this new section with a dream item that is actually pretty affordable, Kérastase hair products. I’m going to review their Oléo-Relax serum, a smoothing and controlling treatment for dry and rebellious hair. But first, a brief history on my rebellious hair.

I started dying my hair at 10 years old when I purchased my first bottle of Sun-In. It seemed simple enough, spray a bit of this lemon-scented wonder elixir on your hair and voila-sun-kissed locks. I have natural blonde hair so it worked well. But reading the bottle one day while basking in the sun, I saw that peroxide was the main ingredient. Well, we’ve got a huge bottle of that upstairs! Why was I wasting my hard earned babysitting money on something I already had? And so the journey begins…

The bright-yellow hue my hair became eventually progressed to homemade highlights with tin foil and powdered laundry bleach. My first box of dye and the subsequent green it became gave way to the aqua-net laden, half shaved/half teased ‘do I wore in high school (there’s proof in my photo gallery). My hair was platinum blonde all through my 20’s and I was told countless times that if I didn’t stop I was going to lose it in clumps. Those days are in the past, but I do still dye and highlight. And I’ll tell you what, my hair is tired. I practically hear it cry when I reach for the bleach. My poor head has been through a lot. This is where Kérastase comes in.

Kérastase is L’Oréal’s luxury hair line that has been in existence since 1964. They have a team of over 2,000 researchers that have developed some of the most innovative, delicately scented and unique formulas on the market. There are 4 lines: Nutritive for varying levels of dry hair, Reflection for color treated, Resistance has fortifying treatments for weak hair and Soleil is for sun lovers. My main complaint with my hair (and what seemed to be my eternal quest till this point) is something to calm my hair down after it’s freshly washed. The only time it seems to be calm is when it’s dirty. So those were my choices, dirty or frizzy-great! Enter Oléo-Relax Serum from the Nutritive line. It’s a silicone product that controls volume, provides smoothness, shine and long lasting frizz protection. Like French charm school for rebellious hair, my locks have never looked better-healthy, shiny and frizz-free. And believe me, I have a cabinet full of expensive hair products. It’s the one area I don’t skimp. But nothing makes my hair behave the way Kérastase does. Coming in at just under $40, this is a dream item that can easily become a reality.

So ladies, let us know if you can testify to the fabulousness of Kérastase. And if not, tell us what’s your must have hair product.

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