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Ahhh how times have changed! My beautiful (and so grown up daughter) had her Junior Year Homecoming dance this weekend. When I was growing up the Homecoming Dance consisted of kids in preppy shirts, jeans, and socked feet only so our school principal wouldn’t have a cow about dancing on the basketball court. Homecoming Dance circa 2008 in suburban California….TOTALLY different story. It’s all about formal dresses, corsages, dinners out and of course, the perfect updo!

Times being what they are we circumvented the stylist and did the ‘do’ at home. I’m not completely without talent in this arena so we popped in a chick flick, sat down with bobby pins and curling iron in hand and assessed the situation. My girl has incredibly gorgeous and thick hair but straight as a pin. This is the death of an updo as its so heavy it can fall out and so straight that curls don’t hold long unless they’re pinned and shellacked into place. Unfortunately today the situation was worsened by the fact that she had JUST washed her hair and we weren’t privy to the ‘second day dirty hair’ that is best for formal do’s. What to do…what to do?

Jonathan’s Silky Dirt Shine and Define Creme with Essential Waters and 100% Vegan to the rescue! Just a TINY dab of this on your fingertips, run through your hair, and VOILA…you are second day dirty. This can be applied on wet hair for definition or to dry hair to tame frizzies, pump up the shine factor and help style too soft, just cleansed hair. I’m curly and frizzy…my girl is soft and straight. It works for both of us on different levels. A word to the wise however…a little goes a LONG way. If you over apply you will have greasy looking hair. I would not recommend this for people with very thin hair or for those with super oily hair. But I can recommend it for the curlies, wavies and straighties who need a little shine, definition and control!

‘Perfect for dull or damaged hair, this grooming creme helps me create amazing supermodel shine plus sexy, natural hair definition. The best part is I can use it on damp hair for extra control or on dry hair for a smooth, lasting finish.’ ~ Jonathan

I find this everywhere…Ulta, Sephora, online at just about every beauty website. You can buy a full size tube for $28 or half size for $16. It will last you forever…which is more than I can say about my daughters updo! Home by 11:30 and though she still looked FABULOUS in her red dress and perfectly coiffed hair…out came the pins and down came the hair. All good things must end!

Let’s hear from those of you who’ve got a hair story or know about Jonathan’s Silky Dirt…do you love it as much as I do??? GLAM ON megsmakeup gals!

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