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Hi, Kellie76 here! I am very pleased to bring you my first “Does it Work?” review.  In general, I am a very positive and trusting person who really wants to believe the fantastic claims made by the plethora of exciting beauty products on the market.  I want my outside to match my inner beauty.  So just like all of you, I enjoy indulging in the world of beauty consumerism.  But alas, I am a poor graduate student who must be incredibly discerning about her purchases.  That means I am forced to be a beauty skeptic.  My goal for this column is to save you (my fellow citizens of Megville) money and time by telling you—if it really works!

    My husband and I have decided to welcome a new man into our lives.  His name is Jonathan.  No, we haven’t suddenly embraced polygamy.  We have simply decided to try the Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System.  I’m not ashamed to tell you that we are in love!
If you aren’t familiar with the inventor of Beauty Water, let me fill you in.  Jonathan Antin is a long-time celebrity hairstylist in California.  A fun fact is that his sister is the Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin.  (Yes, he has frequently styled their hair.)  Jonathan had a reality television show called Blow Out.  This is where I first learned about the infamous man who everyone either loves to hate or hates to love.  However you feel about him, you cannot deny the genius of his many hair products, which contain many healthy and natural ingredients.  I am a huge fan of his product Dirt. 

 I believe that it was TanteJoan who pointed out to me the extreme irony of the man who brought us Dirt now trying to make us clean with Beauty Water.  I first saw the concept for the Shower Purification System on Blow Out.  Jonathan didn’t have any water in his home one morning.  So before work, he decided to wash his hair with bottled water.  He ended up amazed by how great his hair looked and felt.  In his own words, his hair was “Bangin’”!  Of course I thought that the whole thing sounded good.  But I was skeptical and never planned to try it.

That all changed when Jennifer from Jonathan challenged me to try the product.  It is extremely easy to install.  You don’t need any tools.  You just twist off your old shower head and then attach the filter system.  You then have to activate and flush the filter, which only takes a few minutes of running the shower.  Then you attach the new shower head, and you’re done.  I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to use my shower caddy with the filter system, but it worked fine.  So no space was lost.  I also assumed that the shower head would be worthless.  This is so not true.  This might be the most invigorating and exhilarating shower I have ever taken.  And my husband agrees.  This surpasses even the fanciest and most powerful hotel shower heads we have experienced.  What makes this all the more shocking is that the system is actually an excellent water conservation measure, as it operates on a regulated flow of 2.5 gallons per minute.

Jonathan says, “My theory on water and its effect on the condition, color and manageability of hair is that proper cleansing and hydration begin with pure, natural spring water.  I wanted to find a way to give everyone the same hair and skin benefits of showering in the best water possible.”  According to the company, the system filters out a majority of the chlorine, heavy metals, and harsh chemicals found in tap water.  This in turn enhances the pH balance of the water, softens hair and skin, and helps to preserve hair color.

These claims sounded lofty and unlikely to me.  I was happily proven wrong, however.  From the first day of using this product, my husband and I have seen results.  I have very curly hair that is always extremely tangled.  But ever since I began showering with the Jonathan system, I barely have to run a comb through it as it is virtually tangle-free.  My hair is extremely soft now, and my curls are more defined and shiny.  My husband and I have also experienced much softer, brighter, and somewhat clearer skin.  This system can be purchased at Sephora for $95.00.  The replacement filters can also be purchased there for $55.00.  They suggest that you replace the filter every 3-6 months, depending on how many people are showering with it. 

I highly recommend purchasing the Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System if you want to have “Bangin’” hair.  This is a truly fantastic product that is well worth the money.  Especially if it helps to extend the life of your hair color, in addition to its many other benefits.  Yes, it really works! 

The lovely Jennifer from Jonathan wanted to spread the love for this amazing product.  So thanks to her generosity, we have one Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System to give away to one lucky member of the MM Community. 

Write about your funniest, craziest, most horrifying, or most “out there” shower tale.  Or, if your life is boring or your story is too risque, give us your best shower beauty routine.  The post that makes us laugh or cringe the most (or teaches us something new) will be the winner.

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