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Hi all y’all! Desertdoll here. I love skin care products so I jumped at the chance to write a post for one, especially one by a company I really like. But what to write about? It’s always the question for me here at Megsmakeup. How do I relate my every day life to this product? So I started thinking about my skin care routine, what about it may be interesting to you ladies? Luckily this was easy. I do something kind of odd while washing my face. I wash it as long as it takes for me to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. I sing it in my head, but never the less-I sing to myself while I wash. You see, I read once that the proper amount of time to get your face thoroughly clean is 40 seconds. The article said Happy Birthday is 20 seconds. Hence, sing it twice and you’ve got a clean face. I’ve been doing this for a few years.

So I thought, that seems pretty interesting. I bet I may even be the only person who does that. I’ll tell the ladies about that! But wanting to give the proper credit I started wracking my brain as to where I actually read this tid-bit. Luckily, there’s the Internet, cause my memory is awful. I google “wash, face, happy birthday”. Page after page of nothing! Well, lots actually but not what I was looking for. I start to wonder, did I dream this? Did someone tell me this as a joke? I am pretty gullible. I ask Hubby if he remembers me talking about this. I get the look. The “are you crazy?” look. I start to wonder if maybe I am. So I take “face” out for a more general search and try again. There’s one word I start seeing all over the page-HANDS. Uh-oh. I click a link and it turns out your supposed to wash your HANDS as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice. It all floods back to me. Me on Web MD about 2 years ago, sick with the flu and looking for ways to avoid giving it to anyone else. Oops…

But you know, it’s kind of a pleasant way to wash your face so I’m going to keep doing it! It does make me think about cake, but I’m used to it now. And better to think about it than eat it, at least every night anyway. You know what else I’m used to? Joey NY products! Their Chin breakout relief has been a tried and true friend during that “special time of the month” for 5+ years. I’m looking forward to adding the Instant Chemistry Quick Lunchtime Face Peel to the line up.

Here’s what they have to say “Get the same results from this multi-functional gel peel at home as you would if you were to go to the dermatologist during your lunch hour. Instantly removes dirt that is embedded deep in the pores, plus exfoliates exhausted surface skin cells. Masque comes off in one piece. Skin glows.”

So what do you think, did this product have you singing too?

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