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Stylemama here!  Do you believe in the perfect haircut?   I’ve always thought that the right cut could actually make me love my hair.  Makes me wonder, if I could love my hair, what else could I love?  The catalyst for change can often be found in the most simple of places.  We’ve all seen the Dove commercials right?  Can a haircut do that too?  Hell yeah it can, especially when it’s L.A. stylist Jeannine Brousseau doing the cutting.   The hottest A-list stars out there are sporting her styles.  If you are looking for a haircut that is as unique to your hair type and face shape as prints are to fingers, then look no further.

Thanks to our beloved Meg I got to experience all that and more.  Meg always tells us how lucky she is, but as we all know, because of her we are the lucky ones.  She arranged for a haircut of a lifetime for me with the one and only, Jeannine Brousseau.  Pretty amazing, right?

Within minutes of meeting Jeannine I knew everything about this appointment was going to be different.   This beautiful, petite woman exuded a quiet strength and confidence that told me I was about to get the haircut that so far seemed like nothing more than an urban legend.   

Her one chair, strategically placed in the center of her gorgeous salon tells each client just how important she is. Even though the consultation felt like a regular conversation, I could sense something bigger was taking place.  She asked all the right questions and skillfully read between the lines.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that.  Have you ever agreed to a haircut you didn’t want because you were uncomfortable, confused, or just too nervous to express yourself?  It’s literally impossible to do this with Jeannine.

She decided to cut my hair completely dry.   Whether it’s done wet or dry depends entirely on the individual.  Everything about her approach revolves around what is best for the person in front of her.  She puts each client into a category of one.

After the first part of my cut, my natural curls looked better than they ever had.  They were soft, perfectly placed and frizz free from every angle, imagine a full 360 degrees of fabulous style.  Next, she wet my hair down, styled it with the blow dryer and round brush and snipped a bit more here and there, giving it those important final touches.  As she styled my hair she also taught me how to do it.  Both looks are easy to accomplish and 100% authentic.  Jeannine never tried to turn me into something I wasn’t or leave me with something impossible to duplicate.   Even better, I’m no longer forced to use electricity to have great looking hair.  Wow.

I’ve never worn my hair in such a natural state and gotten so many compliments.  Stylepapa loves it and I even had an elderly gentlemen with the most charming southern accent say, “Why, look at that lady with the curly hair.  It looks real nice, you look real good.”  I wanted to run up and hug that old man but instead I smiled and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

Jeannine’s unique approach represents everything stands for.   She gets it, we all want to feel good about ourselves and the beauty we were born with while still maintaining the option of going full on glam when the mood strikes.

As I left her salon I was so happy and literally filled with gratitude.  I knew I’d never look at my hair the same way again.  It feels so good to be able to live what I’m always trying to teach my girls.  Natural is beautiful.  

Can you imagine how great it must feel to have a gift like Jeannine’s?  When was the last time you were inspired to go more natural and really embrace your God given attributes?

Eleni here! I’m one of those crazies that obsess about their hair.
As a result of that, I find it really hard to trust people cutting it since I’m never completely satisfied with the result and I always end up having long breaks between haircuts. Long, painful, bad hair breaks

Last time I had my hair cut was 2008. Since then I’ve been trimming my bangs on my own – I had my good moments and I had my have-to-wear-a-hat moments. Last week I started whining to Megan that I need grooming. My bangs have gotten too long so I couldn’t see very well. I threatened her that if she doesn’t take me somewhere to be groomed I wouldn’t be able to work for megsmakeup anymore.

Megan, being Megan found the best that’s out there to do my hair, Jeannine Brousseau. Under one condition though: that I would let her do whatever she wanted.

Normally, ultimatums don’t work well with me. My expected reaction would have been to run to the bathroom with a pair of scissors and cut it myself, then come out triumphantly (but crying on the inside).

But my even more normal self would never want to miss the opportunity to have her hair cut by the magic hands that have also given Beck, Winona Ryder and Charlize Theron a haircut. Hello?

So I went with the flow and I gave Jeannine all my trust. Getting a haircut from Jeannine is almost like going to my psychic: “Well my dear, your aura is not as red as it suits you, listen to what you’ll do”. Jeannine would be like “well my dear, the shape of this strand of hair does not fit to what you’re all about right now, let me trim it”. She can almost see through you and know what you like before you will know it.

Thanks Jeannine, I’m even more obsessed with my hair now.

Change your hair! Change your life! Call Jeanine Brousseau!

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