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Meg hair! I’m am so flipping lucky. I am the luckiest women alive EVER! I have Lisa Oliver and Marco Pelusi color my hair. They have both been in the business forever and are known experts teaching and quoted everywhere.

Between the two of them they’re ready for AFI’s best list because the names that go to them are box office gold. More Academy Award winners go to them them Mr. Chow’s. They know color. They have the clients that fly all over kingdom come (Saudi Arabia, Japan, Riverside)Kiss

You have the color-issue, I am here as holy as holy is, If Marco Pelusi or Lisa Oliver are in charge of your hair then you are VERY FAMOUS, Very Rich, very connected or, as I am, very lucky.

Here’s the thing, just because you’re a genius at color doesn’t mean you’re a genius at the cut.

All of the highest paid, most established,and most famous women know that their are amazing artists in color. They are also amazing in cuts but let’s be honest, you can’t be an absolute genius in everything. I’ve just delivered to you the two best colorists in Los Angeles, meet L.A.’S best cutter!

The word on the very high-end and exclusive street is the best hair-cut in L.A. is Jeannine Brousseau. I am blessed to know the inside because Jeannine is hidden away in West Hollywood guarded by Los Angeles’s A-List.

Brousseau’s highly evolved technique, focus and style sensibility to her Freshen Studio.

Never one to follow trends, she has developed  her own inventive style of free-form cutting. She tailors her cuts to each person’s hair texture, coloring, and face shape, constantly seeking the perfect balance between structure and movement.  Brousseau’s calm and maternal demeanor instantly puts clients at ease.  She collaborates with her clients; listening to their needs while providing her own insight to create beautiful, effortless hair that simply falls into shape.

I was never one for layers but as Jeannine cut away my hair actually effortlessly framed face.

She expertly pulled my ends to my nose and snipped like Edward Scissorhands giving me a cut that laid flat and perfect around my face. I was ready to throw my curlers out. It was that amazing. I needed no iron or curler-I just needed Jeaninne!

While I was being snipped I had KD Lang waiting behind me. Jeaninne will not let me disclose her stars but believe me -it’s every A-Lister looking for an expert cut! All I can say is I got the BEST HAIRCUT OF MY LIFE FROM JEANINNE!!

~What is the easiest cut?

Jeaninne: The easiest and most versatile cuts have just the right amount of movement within the structure, cut with just the right detail to personalize the look and compliment the texture so it be worn natural or style effortlessly.Go ahead and wear your hair long after 35 if it really works.Be sure the length is flattering on your body  and that you have suitable layering to compliment the whole body silhouette.

Meg: How often do we really need to “come in for a cut”

Cut your hair every 6-10 weeks.Come in for a”freshen” between services, it’s complimentary, to dust off those ends, take a bit of weight off and trim this or that to keep your look going until your next cut.

The biggest mistake many women make
is that they are not showing who they are, their special features and most commonly the proportions of the cut are not quite right which can make us appear older, tired or less sophisticated the goes on and on. Often I feel that most people look pretty good and are really in need of the details and refinements that create that special and unique YOU.

I absolutely love doing hair, for me it’s like sculpting, it’s always new, and a beautiful way to be with people.~Jeaninne


We don’t have a bunch of money but if you can get to LA we can offer a great dinner, a wondeful spa day and a haircut with celebrity A-list cutter Jeaninne.


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