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jasonshampooandconditionerStacy B here! Ladies, I need a haircut. Bad. Like: ponytails give me headaches because my hair is so thick and long, bad. It’s been a tough combination of a very busy fall with toddlers and traveling husbands and first trimester exhaustion, and extra thick, faster growing hair from all the pregnancy hormones and extra vitamins. It’s really unbelievable how much hair I have. I could give away half and you’d never know. I’m up to almost 35 minutes to dry it in the mornings now, thanks in part to a dying hairdryer that has less power than a sneeze.
Luckily, I’m in my second trimester and the energy is back so I went to work to fix this mane I’ve been lugging around. A new salon-quality, tourmeline, ionic hairdryer arrived on my doorstep today (thanks for saving me almost $50!) I have a hair appointment on Saturday, and thanks to this unusually mild, rainy November weather, there’s just enough humidity for curly hair days.
I’ve been trying to avoid product buildup with all my excess hair so I went right for an all natural, no sulfates or parabens, organic shampoo. I chose Jason’s Jojoba Long & Strong Shampoo and Conditioner. I think I should have chosen their ‘Smoothing Sea Kelp” version instead.
I need a smoothing shampoo, especially now, so while I did like this shampoo, it wasn’t good for every day use for me. Before you think this is a negative review, let me explain the good things that might apply to those of you with a normal amount of hair. There’s the obvious:  all-natural, no parabens, no animal testing. But, it also uses vegetable proteins and natural vitamins and minerals and no animal bi-products to moisturize and heal your hair.
The shampoo rinsed clean, smelled fresh,  and the conditioner was not too thick or thin and actually made it through my mop of hair. The shampoo could use a little more bubble action. I like a lot of bubbles, but it got the job done. But, after about four days, I noticed my hair was not drying as straight and smooth and I needed to use my flat iron more. It still felt clean, but it was starting to get a little sticky (you thick haired girls will know what I mean!) My Giovanni Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum was working overtime! And I was using more of it which I don’t like to do.
I had to go back to my normal smoothing shampoo and conditioner to settle it down (no sneak peaks here, I’ll review those products for you another time!) What I found was this was a great clarifying shampoo for me. I started to use it on lazy Sundays when I didn’t have to worry about drying or smoothing or anything. It helped my hair feel lighter and cleaner so when I went back to my normal shampoo, it seemed to help those products work even better.
The bottles are generous so if I use this 1-2 times a week, this will last me a really long time. Bottom line is that while this is not a good everyday shampoo for me, the amount of hair I have makes me the exception. I think a lot of you girls with a regular amount of hair that are concerned about chemicals and build up might really like this. I will continue to use this as my cleansing and clarifying trick a few times a week.

Have any of you tried Jason products?

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