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itfactorMeg hair! There are few things more time consuming then me getting ready for a big night out. The only thing that comes to mind is the DMV.

Before I had “TV hair” aka extensions, it really took not much time to blow my tresses out. This may because I have 3 tresses. My locks leave much to be desired, cut to fake Indian hair extensions. I feel badly there is a woman running around India bald but I pay a lot for them so I’m sure she was compensated fairly. Plus, her hair is lush and thick and shiny so I’m sure it wont be an issue for her to quickly grow it back.

Because I’m not happy unless I have something to complain about, I now have tons of hair. I lot it and all but it is a lot. Hopping in and out of the shower now means a Lot of time with a blow dryer. I was more then a little intrigued when a friend of mine, the fabulous Nadine Jolie whispered in my ear about a new gem on the market. It Factor Beauty Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner. A quick blowdry? This sounded too good to be true, like any skeptic I said “hand it over!”

Let’s talk about the superficial things first (not deep, soul searching topics like quick blowdrys.) I’m loving how this looks in my shower. I’m a girly girl and IT had me at the pink and green with white scrolls on the squeeze bottles. Coincidence, my powder room is also done in pink and green decor so tre’s matchy matchy! The scent is a nice, fresh fruity citrus (I’m still in a constant allergy stuffed up state so my roommates confirmed this.)

The results? Did it cut my drying time by 50%? No. Did it reduce it? Yes, it did seem quicker but (for me and my fake Indian hair not 50%-Maybe you’ll see a faster result.) How could this work anyhow? It Factor has something called a “Vaporboost System” which speeds up natural evaporation. IT reduces the attraction between the hair shaft and water. The owner (a man) decided to create this formula when his wife was taking too long to get herself out the door and ready (I’m sure that’s never happened in your house!Kiss)

After the blow dry? My hair looked shiny and bouncy and felt great. I’m almost finished with these two tubes since I have been grabbing for them daily. I actually think I’ve been getting a little help in using them. My roomies have asked me a few times when I would be writing the review for IT Factor Beauty so I assume they want to chime in on how they liked these. Now that I think about it, we went through this shampoo and conditioner very, very fast so my guess is going to be that they really liked them.

I’m curious if any of you have heard about IT Factor and how it worked out for you? Also what time saving tricks do you have to get out of the house quickly (or how about just “quicker”)

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