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Katehrm777 here! I would like to make a disclaimer before I go any further.  I am usually a very smart, very practical person.  Keep that in mind as you read what I am about to say.  I have a weakness for infomercials.  I won’t get into too specific detail about everything I have purchased (I have a reputation to uphold!), but it ranges from weight loss systems to kitchen appliances.  My most recent foray into the world of infomercials was the hair accessory, the “Bumpit”.  If you haven’t seen the commercial, this product claims to save you the hassle of teasing and spraying while giving you much desired body and root lift.

First I would like to discuss the customer service here, as for me, that is all important when buying from unknown companies.  I ordered the bumpit off of their website, and they mistakenly charged me twice for two orders.  I called them immediately to let them know I only wanted one order and they told me that my order had not yet been processed and I had to wait 24-48 hours for it be processed before I could cancel.  I called back the next day and they told me my order had already been shipped and it was too late to cancel.  Hmm…..a little shady if you ask me.

When I finally got the product, I quickly ripped open the package so I could finally have the teased, voluminous hair of my dreams.  False.  The bumpits barely stay in place, are nearly impossible to cover, and don’t actually increase volume all that much as all.  By the time you have teased and prepped your hair to make the darn thing work, you have just spent about 5 times as much time as you would spend if you just teased it yourself.

My final take:  skip it.  Or if you are convinced you can make it work for you….don’t buy online and fall victim to their shady antics or the ridiculous $10.95 shipping and handling.  They sell them at Walgreens for $9.99.

Anyone else feel like bumping their bumpits?  Or fallen victim to any other infomercial?  If so…what worked for you?  What didn’t?

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