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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results-Albert Einstein

I will never learn. I know I’ll do this again to myself because time has a way of making us forget. That, and I’ll have even more grey hairs and be desperate again.

I was complaining to Greenie how every single time a new hair comes in it is silver. I am a dark brunette. I am not meant to be a blonde. Blonde washes me out and it’s just bad news for my feautures. Also, I live in LA. In most parts of the country being blonde is special, in LA it is almost a requirement. So I like the novelty of being on the dark side. I don’t like how it makes my white hairs that much easier to spot. I told Greenie that I was going to significantly lighten my hair. Because of my amazing science skills (that’s a joke-I barely got through chemistry). I will buy a box and do it myself. Hair color has come along way and if I can do less damage to my tresses with less chemicals then lighter is the obvious answer. The obvious answer should actually be “see a professional”. I’m never one for obvious.

Merrily on my way to CVS, I imagined me with a more honey-colored light brown. I wasn’t going to go too crazy. Just a bit lighter.

I spotted the answer! The woman on the cover looked so happy with her lightened hair. The Loreal Paris Superior color was made just for Brunettes wanting to go lighter. It said it right on the box. It said it all over the box actually, natural, no brass, easy-ESPECIALLY FOR BRUNETTES!

ly, a new product out specifically tailored to my needs! I looked at the woman and the box and thought “soon, I too will be that happy. Goodbye coloring every 2 weeks! Goodbye easy to spot greys! Goodbye cruel world!

As soon as I got home I began the new me. I followed the directions to a T! (OK I didn’t actually do a 24-hour strand test. Does anyone? Who has that kind of patience? Mother Thereasa? The one woman who actually wore a head covering)?

I guess I new something wasn’t right in the shower when the first clump of too blonde hair came out as I was rinsing (keep in mind I have like 100 hairs on my head). The woman on the box? She wasn’t smiling because of her hair. She was laughing at me. She was saying “sucker, go to a hairdresser you quick-fix lazy moron’. I hate her and God help that hair model if I ever see her on the street (It’s LA-could happen).

After a thorough blow-dry and a few tears I made another vow to myself I will not keep “I’m NEVER doing this again”! As soon as I finished that vow I instantly broke it sending HOM back to CVS to grab me a semi-permanent color in medium brown. I would have gone with permanent but since it looks like I took a blow torch to my hair I decided maybe no ammonia was prudent.

I am happy to report I am on the way back to looking normal. Above is a picture of the liar that made a traumatic night for me! The picture next to it is of my abused hair. Because it is night it is very hard to see that I have 2 super blonde sections framing a dramatically different brunette section.From platinum to light brown to dark. Not a good look.

Argh! Foiled again! (of course not properly foiled from a professional).

There is a fabulous hair care prize for you if you share your most awful hair experience, not sure what it is yet but I’ll badger our supporters to make sure it is worth atleast $150.00. I’ll let you know who it is and you’ll be very happy. As you know, ladies do win so get to typing!

Me? I’m off to a glass or 5 of wine after the drama of my hair tonight!

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