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hismixleaveinMegKen here! A lot of us guys fear losing our hair.   It’s not a secret. Meg thinks it’s an obsession.  She teases me by saying “you’re so paranoid about hair loss you should just drink Rogaine.”  She thinks that my mind is occupied with only two topics. The first topic-going bald-wait, scratch that, the first topic being Meg. The truth is that lately it’s been Manly Mondays.  It’s seems that since I have been doing Manly Mondays they come quicker and quicker each week.  Today,  fortunately I have a great product, so I won’t have to put glue on my nose.

I have curly hair and from time to time I grow it out long.  I once got this beauty tip from a crazy makeup artist friend to use Suave conditioner as a leave-in to keep the curls in line and keep them from going too crazy.   I liked using it but it was a little chunky and gooey. However, I told the people at the beauty store and they said the words that scare any man nearing middle age, “don’t use Suave, it will cause you to lose hair.”  Ahhhhh oh my god!!! Don’t say that!  I thought they might be trying to kill me. The large Russian sales woman continued by saying that it’s full of chemicals and alcohol. In my head I thought those Russians, don’t they know about Perestroika? The Cold War is over. She reached out an olive branch and suggested a new brand she just started to carry, this was a few years ago, called Mixed Chicks.

I am the furthest thing from a “mixed chick”.  For some reason, it’s hard for a guy to buy a product with that name. It’s not that “Suave” doesn’t have it’s own ridiculous connotations.  I guess there were a lot of guys like me… because a genius over at Mixed Chicks figured this out and came out “HIS MIX leave-in conditioner/styling cream.”  HIS MIX is the same product (but no one knows), different in name and it’s in a more phallic shaped container.

If you have a woman come over and she sees container of Mixed Chicks she’ll always wonder which ex-girlfriend left her product behind.  As a guy, try explaining that you bought Mixed Chicks for yourself. Many times it’s really hard to explain things. Thank to HIS MIX there is no need for any explanation. Oh, on the topic of shampoo and a woman I dated, I just thought of this; a woman once looked at my shampoo, read the bottle and asked me, “why do you have this?” I said, “It’s shampoo, I usually use it to wash my hair.”  She look at the bottle curiously and said, “but it is for thinning hair, why would you want your hair thinner?”  Welcome to Los Angeles.   

His Mix
is a little cheaper than the woman’s version but it’s also a little less.  I have to say that with my curly hair I have not found a product I like as much for my hair.   The thing is that you only need a tiny amount.  I think that one bottle, used sparingly, for short hair could possibly last for months maybe a year, unless, your girlfriend starts using it.  

It has a natural fragrance, not girly, very omnisex. The creamy consistency feels like it works in nutrients and softeners.  It doesn’t get crunchy or hard and it keeps the hair in place. Even on super dry days keeps the frizz away.  It washes out easily and gives a nice healthy shine. The other cool thing is that if you do have some thinning you can use the His Mix to move the hair to those places you want to look more full.  You don’t have to be mixed for this product, but I am curious if people with straight hair like it as much as I do?

When Meg first met I had the long hair. She didn’t love it. You can see that story on past.  I think she didn’t like my gorgeous long curly hair because I wasn’t using Mixed Chicks products at the time.  Maybe I would still have it if I Mixed Chicks last year.

Do women like men with long hair or is it a big turn off?  Also do you think a guy in his 40s shouldn’t rock long hair?

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