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Meg hair! Shearing a tale that is all too familiar (can’t get enough of those corny hair puns.) Anyhow, I received a call that was pretty last minute that I had been requested to go to an audition in New York City (you’re aware I live in Los Angeles-right?) I don’t do auditions. I’ve done go-sees in another life, I’ve never had to go to a place where I have been judged on my appearance and on how I present myself. Oh wait, I guess I have! I think that’s called “life” and we all have. I digress, I was just looking at this “audition” as a meeting and figured I would be fine.

I had no time to get my professional color done by my own sheer genius Marco Pelusi. I did have greys popping out and my roots were not at their best. I did what any right minded woman in my situation with no time would do! I headed to CVS and grabbed a box of ash blond color. I set out to remedy my hair issues myself!

As you can see from the video above, I was able to pull together a somewhat respectable look for my “meeting”. The hair itself was nice and shiny and definitely a bunch fuller. It wasn’t until after I watched this video that I saw it. My face is starting to match my hair! I am not looking like a professional going to a meeting! I am looking like a suffering blonderexic and I need treatment!

From my incessant coloring I have dried out my hair to a limpness viagra couldn’t even help with! Viagra is no match for my girlfriends bathroom! Jo is a frequent shopper so she had everything I would need to look pulled together in a pinch! The products I used that morning made a huge different for me. I started with Jonathan Infinite Volume Shampoo. I followed the shampoo with Jonathan Infinite Volume Conditioner. I give both products a thumbs up! Definitely added volume. To add a little girth and texture I tried Cutler Definition Cream for Texture and Shine. It Seemed to definitely add some body. The girlfriend that I am staying with is a serious journalist that takes serious phone calls and my primping could be a serious distraction! Thank gosh she has (LOVE THIS! Never even knew this was an option!) A Centrix Q Zone Quiet Dryer. I was a stealth dryer with this baby! I sprayed my finished work with Oscar Blandi’s finish spray. I loved that I was able to comb and style little mishaps that I fund without this spray getting flakey-but it still holds? How the heck does it do that? Great stuff.

I have just gotten back from CVS. I’m going to have to give this hair color in a box a try again. My “meeting?” It went well, I’m going back tomorrow. This time I’m going back “light brown.” This blonderexic is in serious recovery and looking to put on some hair weight!

What about you? Have you ever been (either self diagnosed-or was an intervention needed?) a blonderexic?

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