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halleberryMissRo here! It’s one thing to get testimonials and feedback from your customers, it’s another thing to get it from celebrities. Especially from the gorgeous, talented Halle Berry.

I remember the first time I saw Halle Berry. It was in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever movie which was her breakthrough feature role. Since then we have seen her in Boomerang, Losing Isaiah, Bulworth, Introducing Dorothy Danridge, X-Men, Perfect Stranger, and her incredible performance in Monster’s Ball which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress.

When I was working on the editorial calendar for Mixed Chicks and was talking with the Founders Kim and Wendi and they said, “oh, you have to mention that Halle Berry loves and uses our line”. I said “really! what a compliment!”. I thought, if that’s the only testimonial they ever got, they would be fine Wink.

Low and behold, Halle Berry isn’t the only celeb that uses their line. ESPN Anchor Sage Steele, Actor Wendy Davis from Army Wives actually used it exclusively for the whole first season of the show, NBA Superstar Chris Webber, Singer/Songwriter Macy Gray, NFL Linebacker for the San Diego Chargers Kevin Burnett, Popstar Ciara, and Actor Tracee Ellis Ross who also happens to be Diana Ross’ daughter!

Well, it’s no shock that these celebs have fallen in love with the Mixed Chicks line. For the everyday customer like me, it’s affordable, but for those high-profile celebs, it actually works and is an amazing line for people that have naturally curly hair. To check out more testimonials from their customers from around the world and the US, click here.

Have you used any products from the Mixed Chicks line? If so, which product and why do you love it? Out of curiosity, who’s your favorite actor?

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