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marco55Our friend Marco from the Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc.  As a colorist, I notice clients over the years (both men and women both) experience different changes with the structure and strength of their hair – one of which is forms of hair loss. Hair loss can be caused for a number of reasons. If it’s become a real problem for you, the very best thing – the single most important thing to do – is to set an appointment with a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss in your vicinity. Should you need a recommendation from my studio for an L.A. derm, email us at As a colorist, I know that sometimes too much color, overprocessing, overblonding, and other repeated chemical treatments such as relaxers can cause some hair loss. The need for strengthening with protein – and collagen (available in Marco product) is extremely important in this situation, as over time, you can actually rebuild some of your hair’s strength with protein. I have a reconstructor which works miraculously to accomplish this purpose. Also, moisturizing conditioners are necessary to compliment the protein as well.

Secondly, hair breakage during or after pregnancy – and how the texture can completely change – is often a concern. Often times pregnant women experience hair loss as well. There are differing doctors’ opinions. Of course I recommend you to connect with your physician to see what he/she says, but generally, I recommend to nurse your hair as much as possible, avoid heavy heat styling, and simply give in and try to adjust and work with what you have. Give it time – I have seen women’s hair return to normal when the baby is born. I also have seen womens’ hair change a bit even after the birth. Just give it time!

Finally, thyroid problems can cause hair loss and weakness; and replacement of thryoid hormone can often replenish hair growth. Ask for a complete thyroid panel at your next doctor’s blood test if you’re losing unusual amounts of hair. Just be sure. There are also other hormonal issues which an endocrinologist can check for you. If you don’t like what your general practitioner says to you, get an endocrinologist. To summarize, generally speaking, it is best to get a total check from a dermatologist to ascertain your scalp and growth patterns, as well as your physician’s expert opinion, and of course, smart suggestions from your hairdresser who knows your hair. The moral of this story is to become your own physician; your own supporter of your own health –  including your hair’s health. No one else will step up and do it for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the right people – the folks who are informed and educated. Become your best advocate, especially when dealing with your precious head of hair! If you have any further product usage questions, please feel free to connect with us. Happy holidays! Be good to yourselves! 

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Have any of you noticed hair loss? Age? Diet Changes? Pregnancy?
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