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dryshampooMeg here! You’re like “We get it, you’re always HERE-Go Away!” Don’t think I’m not working on an exit one day! ONE DAY! Kiss Until that day, if ever, arrives-it is my mission to let you know what I think you’ll like. I’m making no sponsorship so listen to me when I tell you, go out and buy Got 2B! Dry Shampoo. Serious as cancer, go buy this!

When I was covering New York Fashion Week I got to see a lot behind the tents. Everyone had Elnett Hairspray and everyone had this Got2b Dry Shampoo. I just nodded my head like a bobble doll. Inside I’m thinking “What the what? Why dry shampoo?”

Dry Shampoo is an oily girl or busy girl’s best friend. I’m both and I didn’t even know I had this option. Let me break it down for y’all (when I’m empowered I take on drawls.)

I have an oily scalp and dry ends. I know. Don’t hate because I’m beautiful. I truly have it all!

My hair will look limp or dirty mid day even though (trust me, I ain’t no dirty bird) have showered. It’s still flipping greasy and oily looking. Never mind, if I have been doing a ton during the day.

Apparently, this is not only a “normal people” problem but a high-class one. Back to me being behind the scenes at Fashion Week. The iconic, fabulous, drop dead beauties that walk show after show? Yup, no time to shower. How does each hair stylist work new looks onto them before sending them down the catwalk without a sink? You got it baby? DRY SHAMPOO!

What the Hell is in this stuff? How about I don’t give a rat’s ass. It works. Here is how it works for me and here is how it will work for you.

Meg NY Schedule:
8:30 am Shower, scrub a dub everywhere, even use sweetspot labs wash for my flower.
9:30-1pm Media Meetings
1-3 Biz Lunch
3-9 Fashion Shows

Need a refresher shower? Hair looking limp? Yes and Yes. Time for a shower? No and No. With a blast of this miracle to my roots and a comb I had volume, no oil and body. Looked like I had stopped for a blow-out. If you work a 9-5 and ever have a 6-9 you need this! You’ll thank me later!

Meg’s NY Schedule Continues
9:00-10:00 Dinner
10:00-12:30 Fashion Shows
1am-4am After parties
4am Romance Time? Ha! As if! The only thing I can peel off my body quickly at that time are my heels.

Really, truly. This Dry Shampoo translates into real life. It really does. When your hair just will not cooperate this spray makes it new.

I wish I knew this secret long ago. You would think in my job I would. But as most things, it seemed too good to be true. It’s not. Stack of a gazillion Bibles (and my St. Gram) reads this drivel, it’s true!

If you ever suffer from a mid day slump, if you ever have a hot “just after work drinks date” please let me be your bestie and really shout from the roof tops! YOU NEED THIS!

I’ve given this to one of my best guy friends and he is in love. Whats works for us works for them and works LONG DAYS. He’s clean and he’s fabulous but his hair layed limp. He loves this so think about your guys too!

Chime in! Why am I so late to the “DRY SHAMPOO” craze? It’s awesome! Have you delved?

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