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goodyouchlessStacy B here! First, thank you all for your congratulations on my baby news. It makes me feel great to hear the excitement in some of your comments. Which is a welcome change since pregnancy does not make me feel great. At all. I am not a happy pregnant lady. Well, I am happy for the baby of course, but the 9.5 month means-to-an-end is not my favorite time. It just feels like my body has been hijacked for close to a year. I do not love being pregnant, I do not rejoice in the miracle of life, I am not glowing and loving and warmly basking in nature’s gift or any of that crap. I am tired, nauseous, bloated and dealing with a whole lot of other things that no one tells you about and are pretty icky.
There are a few good things about being pregnant, though…. my nails look amazing, and so does my hair. Something about those hormones and extra vitamins that make my nails strong as diamonds and they grow like weeds. I’ve actually had to cut them a few times already, rather than just filing them gently to get them even. They grow so fast! I kid you not, I broke a nail down to the skin a few days ago, and noticed that just this morning, only about 4 days later, it was already even with the rest of my nails! It’s like super human growth.
My hair is the same. Which for many of you would be great. But, I have an abundance of thick hair that grows fast. My hairdresser has always joked that I have the hair of 3 normal women. She said she could shave half my head and I’d still have more hair than the average person. She usually has to wash and condition my hair twice to get it all the way through. And forget drying it, I never subject her to that, it takes like 40 minutes. Now, my hair is shedding less, is growing faster and is thicker. Ugh. The good thing about that is I can get away with going longer between washing, so my weekend routines have been cut short. I still have to wash and dry every day for work, but I’m thrilled now that a good Friday blowout can last through Saturday night.  The bad news is after about an hour in a ponytail I get a headache because the hair is so heavy. Lots of low buns for me for the next few months!
For the next few weeks, I’m going to try and focus on hair and nail products to take advantage of my new-found healthiness. This week I have a review that’s not my most exciting or glamorous product, but it has already been a lifesaver and will be for a long time. Don’t be mad at my lack of glamour this week, I won’t let you down in the future! I am not one of those pregnant ladies that lets herself go! If I’m in ugly maternity clothes, you can bet your non-stretch-marked hips I’m going to have the hottest hair, make up and accessories. Just not this week OK? Take it easy on me, I’m full of hormones.
Now that I have all this hair, I have to be able to pull it back. That’s where Goody’s Ouchless elastics come in.  These are great. I am a very tough critic when it comes to hair products because my hair is so difficult sometimes. They have to be thick, strong, stretchy but not loose, without metal parts and blendable colors. Guess what Goody, you scored 100 on your Stacy B Hair Test!
These are great and should be a staple for anyone, especially those with thick hair. I get very territorial with my hair bands. I have been known to use the same one for weeks, basically until the elastic under the fabric just gives out from sheer exhaustion. I used one Goody elastic for almost 2 months. That’s amazing for me. And it just gave out about a week ago, right as my hair started getting really heavy. Poor guy never had a chance.
These don’t pull or break my hair and even though I can usually only get it wrapped around my mane twice, it holds well. For those with thin hair, they have mini elastics, too. Not for me, but oh so cute!
I love inexpensive stuff that does the job like a warrior. No frills, no gimmicks, no shimmery packaging, just good old fashioned quality. I’ll be using this until that magical 1-2 months post partum when all that extra hair falls out. Actually, I’ll still use it after that, but at least I know it will make it through the toughest of times!

What is your must-have hair accessory?

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