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goodybrushStacy B here! After last week’s let down of a product, I needed something good! Normally when I need a solid product I don’t go for hair stuff. My hair is just too crazy and unruly. I usually go for a nice facial mask or nail polish, something that I know usually works for me. I had a lotion I was all set to brag about when I decided last week to also try a new set of brushes. I figured if I hated them, I could still gush about the lotion and save the less-than-stellar commentary for another week.
Anyone get where this is going? I loved the brushes. I know, I’m as predictable as bad reality TV. But I did. They are from Goody, yes, a solid staple of a drugstore product. It’s one of those products that I feel is as old as me and at every drugstore. I think my first brush was a Goody.
Because I do have crazy hair, I use two different brushes to dry my hair straight. A round brush for the top layer to really get it straight and a regular hard bristled brush for the lower part. I need tough bristles to pull the thick hair down so it will straighten. Many brushes aren’t tough enough. I’ve snapped brushes at the handles before!
The first one I used was the Gelous Grip Ionic Cushion Brush in a paddle shape. The bristles weren’t quite as tough as I am used to, but the large paddle shape allowed me to get a good grip on the underneath part of my hair. It took me about the same amount of time to dry the lower half of my head but my hair was so smooth and straight. It was amazing. The brush was ionic, so it reduced frizz, and paired with my ionic hairdryer, I didn’t even need to use my flat iron. In AUGUST! I would have been happy if this happened in November, but humidity filled August? I’m floored. It’s a gamble for me to even try to straighten my hair in the summer heat and humidity and here I was practically floating around my bathroom with super straight, swingy, frizz-free hair!
Now, the next test, the top half of my head. That’s critical, because one wave or humidity kink and it’s right around my face. Totally noticeable and unacceptable. For this tough task, I tried the Boar Blends Ceramic Brush in round shape. This was also ionic, but had a ceramic core, like a good flat iron. So when my hairdryer heated the core up, it dried and smoothed the hair that directly touched the brush while the dryer took care of the hair on top. Double drying duty. The brush also had the tough, plastic bristles that I need to really grab my hair so I can pull it straight, and it also had boar bristles to help smooth.
I got the top half done with only a few swipes of the flat iron on a few stubborn pieces around the back in a little less time than normal and I was floored. My hair was smooth, sleek and frizz free. More so than I can ever remember. My husband walked in and without any prompting (I don’t even think he knew I was trying new brushes) said “Wow, your hair looks like you got it professionally done!” Really! Word for word. He said it looked great and felt smooth. He said it looked as good as it did on our wedding day. OK, I get the sentiment, but my hair was curly on our wedding day. The picture is like 6 feet away. I decided to let that one go. He meant well! He just saw how happy I was with the first compliment and wanted to capitalize. You can’t blame a guy for trying.
I have used the same brushes for years (expensive salon ones!) and have been very reluctant to switch because inevitably they don’t work and I’ve just wasted money. But these were life-changing. Straight hair in the summer! From a drugstore and under $10! I love love love these. Everything down to the gel grips. I grip hard ladies, those gel handles are great. I give these brushes a full endorsement!

Isn’t it great when you get something that makes you so happy and works so well for under $10! Who else is a fan of Goody?

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