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hairmassimoMeg here! Cindsoo asked me the other day if I had heard of the new keratin treatments. Yes, of course I had heard about the new amazing treatments anyone with frizzes or unruly curls were getting. Seeing as I have limp, stick-straight hair, I really never gave much thought to having a keratin treatment done on myself.

However, Cindsoo did not have stick-straight hair and she wanted to see what all the buzz was about. She asked me if she could go on the hunt for Los Angeles’s best Keratin expert and report back. I said “Sure, just let us know what you find.”

Later that week, Cindsoo came beaming home with shiny, silky (straight!) hair that made her look as though she had been filming a hair commercial all day. She found her new love, she was obsessed with her new hair and now let’s all meet Massimo!

Massimo began his career at the age of 15 training as an apprentice in his home town of Rome, Italy. He has since worked in Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Santa Monica. Massimo has also trained at Vidal Sasson and Jingles. At Jingles, Massimo became an educator and did stage work at National Hair Shows. He also has experience working on photo shoots and commercials.

Massimo is co-owner of Salon 1311
and as a National Corporate Educator for Global Keratin does stage work at national hair shows. No need to worry about being eyed by strangers or passed around like cattle in this salon. From the moment you walk in Massimo welcomes you in, offers you a cappuccino and from that moment on you have his undivided attention.

The relaxing zen atmosphere and intimate setting allows you to relax, kick back, and let the pros take over. You can also feel good about your decision because they use recyclable or eco-friendly products throughout the salon and even donate hair clippings to the Matter of Trust foundation. You can leave feeling beautiful both inside and out.

I went in for the Global Keratin Treatment. My hair was frizzy, stuck somewhere between curly, wavy and kinky, and basically spent it’s life in a ponytail on top of my head. After a lot of research I was led to Massimo, hair stylist and National Corporate Educator for Global Keratin itself! Doesn’t get much better than that.

After about 2 hours of chatting about Italy, soccer, food, wine, you name it, my hair was glistening and straight!! This treatment contains organic, bioactive keratin, the same medical grade keratin they use on burn victims! It is different than the Brazillian brand of keratin in that the amino acids and proteins have not been melted down and destroyed through hydrolization. These are the key components in protecting your hair from environmental effects and are responsible for making your hair bouncy, healthy and radiant!

Massimo is so awesome that he is offering all MegHeads $100 off the treatment!! Just mention the post and you’ll be walking out of the salon with shiny smooth hair and your wallet intact. If you’re one of the lucky ones and have completely manageable hair, well then damn you, but he is also offering 20% off all cut and color. Talk about extreme makeover with extreme savings.

You can read more about him at or just go on in and check it out for yourself. Have a cappuccino and enjoy.

Have any of you ladies tried the new keratin treatment?

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