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mixedchickshairsilkMissRo here! I have shared with you my technique on the perfect blow dry and what products to use. But, there’s one product that you absolutely must have for your hair whether it’s curly or straight.

It’s usually a thick, clear gel that you can use on wet or dry hair. For curly hair, it really helps to form your curls if you use it on your wet hair. If you use it when your hair is dry, it gives your curls a smooth, silky look, and tames the frizz. For straight hair, when you apply it wet it helps with your blow dry to tame the frizz while it dries. Once your hair is dry, you take a drop of it, warm it up in your hands and smooth out the fly-aways. Have you figured it out yet? It’s a finishing gel! And that’s the latest product I tried from the Mixed Chicks line, their Hair Silk.

The first thing I noticed was how light the texture is. Lighter than any other finishing gel I have tried. I first used it to style my hair in it’s natural, curly form. I used a good amount of it on my wet hair. I let it dry and was thrilled to see how silky and shiny my hair was! It looked like it was still wet! A few days later, I decided to try it for styling my hair straight. I used a drop of it with my usual styling cream and blew dry it straight. Again, it was super silky and shiny! I had a few fly-aways and used another tiny drop to smooth those out.

If you have really thick hair, you may want to use more to make sure you get it on all your hair. Also, if you have be using a styling product for a while, you might want to mix the Hair Silk with it to see how it goes. I know how sensitive women are about their hair and when you are starting a new product, especially for the hair or the face, you want to slowly ease into it so you have similar results.

The best part about Hair Silk is that it’s only $11.99! Similar products can run you anywhere between $20 and $50!

Have you used any type of finishing product before? If so, what brand?

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