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giovannifrizzbegoneStacy B here! Aside from the freak October snowstorm and unseasonably cold temps this week, my hair really loves this weather. I’m still partial to the warm sun of early May through late September, but my hair really prefers the cool, low humidity air that starts around early October. Don’t be fooled into thinking it lasts until April-ish though, up here in the Northeast, we get a few months of extremely dry and brittle air that is a whole other hair issue. But for now, probably until close to Christmas, I’m having some good hair days.
I’ve reviewed some products in the past that have really changed the way I style, wash and condition my hair, like the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner, my ionic Goody Brushes and non-tear Goody hair elastics. All these products have made such a difference in the choices I have to make in the mornings (fast and curly, or slow and straight?) and the tools I use. I use my flat iron less now that my hair is smoother which is good for it, and I have less breakage thanks to Goody which makes my hair look healthier, too.
One more new product that I love love love now is Giovanni’s Frizz Be Gone Super Smoothing Anti Frizz Serum. This serum has replaced any smoothing milk, anti frizz creme or straightening hair mask I may have once used. I use about a nickel sized amount, which is a lot, but I have a lot of hair, smooth it into my hair and style as usual. My hair has never been so light, smooth, swing-y and manageable. It controls the frizz, adds a bit of shine and has conditioning qualities to it so if I do use the flat iron, it doesn’t dry out. I have barely been using my flat iron at all with this stuff. Add this product to the cool air and I am ready for my hair commercial!
I have been able to squeeze out almost a half day more of a good blow out with this stuff. If I dry my hair with it on a Friday morning for work, I can run Saturday morning errands without having to re-wash and dry, or flat iron my hair again. It’s a very light, clear liquid that doesn’t build up in my hair. My thick hair tends to hang on to products so every few months I have to switch around or I get gross build up and the product just stops working. Not with this, I have been using it for months and am already on my second bottle. I still love it.
Back in August when we had a hurricane that knocked out power for many people my parents were showering at our house since they had no electricity. I let my Mom use this because the hair apple does not fall far from the tree and she loved it. I got a $10 bill and a note one morning asking me to buy her some, too! So far I haven’t been able to find this in any local stores, but has it for under $9. It’s totally worth it, even with shipping costs.
The things I know now about hair products! I wish I had these things years ago! My hair has always been a ding in my self-confidence because it really can be difficult and just one gust of humid air or a flash rain storm can ruin it. But, I feel a lot more confident now and am actually growing to really enjoy the options my more well-behaved hair gives me.

How do you control your frizzies?

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