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Meg hair! I know we have been doing a Meghead Spotlight almost everyday and you ladies seem to really like them. You know who deal’s with Meg’s head (hair specifically) THE BEST COLORIST IN THE WORLD MARCO PELUSI!! Yeah, I’ll go there! He’s always giving you ladies such amazing advice and I see the vibrant colors and new self-esteem boosts from the women that leave his chair. You know why I love him? For all his accolades and celebrity and talent…He’s an exceptionally kind human being. Now, that’s beautiful. So without further ado, please get to know what makes this hair maestro tick!

My name and hometown… Marco Pelusi, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My start in life was to do this… Act, perform, entertain …

The path I took towards cosmetics was driven by this… A natural ability to style my mom’s, sisters’, and all of my friends’ hair; as well as growing up with a family-owned chain of hair salons in Pittsburgh; and hearing about it every night at dinner …. (and I still perform onstage teaching at hair shows!)

I want all women to know this about themselves
… The best of beauty is to feel comfortable; without comfort, you can’t feel beautiful …

My goal is to bring each user of my products this
… To make your color-treated hair feel like it did 10 years ago, even within one usage ….

I believe in all of my products but if I could urge each woman to try this one Marco Color Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard!  It’s the signature product — the hero, if you will.  This product, after one usage, opened the door for the Marco system to be sold at very high end, exclusive retailers throughout our Los Angeles area.  Carol Alt, supermodel, actress, and author, asks me to ship her GALLONS of this product, as she cannot live without it.  As a matter of fact, the most difficult, challenging hair (and sometimes personalities!) are aided by my Leave-In, and cannot go without it.  Almost every person who tries it MUST reorder it.  It allows even fine textured hair to be less frizzy, and to allow for an easy comb-through; but also, the very densely coarser textured hair LOVES the leave-in as well.  The Collagen Color Guard in my products is most heavily concentrated in this signature product.  The ingredients in this product are an identical mix of the most exclusive, high-end skin care you can find; it’s so wonderful, it can even be used as a hand cream!  It’s simply a must-try!

Style influences vary, I would say my style is most like this…  European attitude — whatever we say goes!

I started my line because I couldn’t find this… I spent so much time creating and building other companies’ product lines — I had no choice but to do my own.  I refused to place an ‘opening order’ with any other manufacturer when I opened my studio on Robertson in West Hollywood — and I didn’t!

I deliver this with each product
… I had to have a complete system to preserve my clients’ color.  Each product is specifically built to prevent premature color fade.  Clients notice immediately if they use another product.

When I see a women make this mistake I cringe
… When I see a woman using home haircolor — and pulling it through the entire hairshaft — and continuously damaging her hair.  This is so difficult for the hair to take.

My products care about the way you look like no one else’s because of this...  I personally, painstakingly, achingly worked to provide the very, very best in quality.  I have spared no expense for the ingredients in my products.  In addition, no one has collagen the way I do in each product for the hair.  It’s in a few hair products, but no one has carefully included collagen in an entire system.  The collagen fills in the holes in your hair created by the color.

Lastly, if I were at a bar I’d order this
A green apple martini!Wink

True or False, I’m going to tell you when there’s spinach between your teeth…  TRUE!

I just love him to pieces and I appreciate all of the candor and wisdom and love Marco takes out of his extremely busy day to answer our questions so we too can have A-List info. Thank-you from the bottom of my hair shaft Marco!

Who hair (never gets old) has used some of the advice Marco has generously given us on and gotten stellar results? How about his products or hair color? Anyone care to chime in?

Find Marco Here!

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