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MixedChicksShampooMissRo here! My Mixed Chicks experience continues. Last time I told you about their amazing Deep Conditioner. Well now, it’s all about their Shampoo.

I’m pretty picky about hair care products. When you have naturally curly hair, you can’t just use any product. Most of the time I’m looking for anything that tames the frizz. Everything from Shampoo, to Conditioner, to styling products, everything has to smooth out my hair. So, when it comes to shampoo, it has to be conditioning, light weight, and easily washes out of my hair with no residue.

The Mixed Chicks Shampoo is rich and luxurious with a very pleasant smell. It also lathers up nicely and when you wash it out, your hair is squeaky clean and feels very light weight. With a combination of borage seed and avocado oils it provides the perfect amount of conditioning elements so your hair is smooth like silk.

One of the things that is addressed on the Mixed Chicks site about their shampoo, is that they mention “even in the cleanest environments, hair tends to grab dust. Over time, dust and product residue build up and creates a dulling effect” for our hair. I’ve always known about product build-up, but I never thought about the dust and dirt that floats around our environment and how that might affect our hair. Good point!

What they also mention, which is what I talked about in my last post, was not washing the hair too often. Well, they back up my claim with the same sentiment saying that our natural hair oils help to keep thick and curly hair under control. True, true! They suggest  for most hair types to wash your hair twice a week and that should be plenty. For oily hair, I would say three times a week should be enough.

So, of course once you shampoo your hair, you should definitely follow up with their Deep Conditioner. If your leaving your hair curly, use their Leave-In-Conditioner and if not you can use their Hair Silk and then blow dry your hair.

Next up, I’ll be trying their Leave-in-Conditioner…stay tuned!

What shampoo do you use? What’s your favorite brand? Do you wash your hair everyday and if so why?

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