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garnierleaveinStacy B here! Oh Garnier…you’re really making this tough for me. I WANT to like your products. Really! And I want to be able to write witty, fun, entertaining posts about how great your products are and how much I can’t wait to use them every day. I want to encourage faithful Megheads to use them because they’ll make you brighter, less frizzy, more awake, smoother, younger, more glamorous…
But I can’t.
I’ll be nice though. I’m a nice person and I don’t want to go around bad mouthing a company that does have some pretty dedicated followers. It’s bad internet karma. 🙂 So I’ll tell you why this next product didn’t work for me and you can draw your own conclusions.
I have medium to light brown hair that gets lighter in the sun. It’s always been like that, I was blond until I was about 6 or 7 years old and then it gradually got darker. June through August lightens it up and I usually highlight once in fall and once in early spring to even it out until the sun could work its magic again. Recently, I decided I needed a change. I went darker. My hair is now a really dark chocolate without the reddish undertones. And I love it! So, of course, I want to protect it from fading.
I’ve been trying Garnier’s Color Shield Instant Color Sealer Lightweight Leave-in Conditioner.
It promises to seal in color for longer-lasting vibrancy while improving manageability and delivering lasting softness. Nope, nope and nope. To be fair, I have VERY thick, wavy hair so it takes a lot to make it ‘manageable’. I usually use a frizz-fighting or smoothing shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream, plus a round brush, a professional grade hair dryer and I occassionally use a flat iron. A simple leave-in conditioner isn’t going to do much for me.
My hair color faded a little bit so I don’t feel like it protected my color at all. It also didn’t result in hair any softer than normal. Again, with thick, wavy hair, softness can be tough for me. After I finished drying my hair, it felt thick and heavy. Almost clumpy or sticky (thick-haired girls will know what I mean!) I didn’t feel like my hair moved as well, I couldn’t style it as well as I normally do, and by the end of the work day, I was dying for a hair elastic to just get it off my face and neck. It actually felt like it weighed more than usual.
I’m really picky about my hair stuff because I do have tough hair and when I find a routine that works, I have a very hard time switching. This did not compel me to make a change. If you have thin, fine, or easy-to-manage hair, you might have more success than I did. I wish it worked! I really wish I had better success with Garnier. They do all the right things, high-budget and quality commercials, a celebrity spokesperson, fun, bright packaging, tons of products, lots of promises…but sometimes all that marketing and PR hides the fact that the products might not work for everyone.
Luckily, you have your very own drugstore diva to guide you along! Anyone out there feel different than I do? I’d be especially curious to see if anyone with hair like mine actually liked this.

Available at drugstores everywhere.

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