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FXWILDHARVESTStacy B here! How does this sound? “Sulfate Free. Paraben Free. Phthalate Free. Sodium Free. Not Tested on Animals”. Great, right? Sounds like a real winner and something that should be on every product out there. Anyone thinking “hmmm, too good to be true?” That is a bit more realistic for this week, unfortunately.
I hate when stuff is too good to be true. Fat free chocolate that tastes like burnt cardboard, chip-free nail polish for under $5 that flakes as it’s coming out of the bottle, coupons that promise something for free but the fine print lists all the things you have to buy first…Such let downs. You don’t want to be cynical and think that everything and everyone has an angle, but you can’t be so gullible that you get taken advantage of. There’s a fine line in there to walk and it really just involves always going into things with your eyes wide open and taking a few minutes to do some of your own research.
There are great deals and products out there…I belong to discount websites like Rue La La, and that do offer things at huge discounts. I took a 5 day anniversary trip with my husband back in May at a boutique hotel in the heart of Washington, D.C. for less than $500. Totally worth the daily emails from But, I’ve also done stupid things like drive way out of my way with some crazy coupon only to find that whatever free thing I got wasn’t worth the price of the gas it took to get there. Just be smart ladies, educate yourself and you’ll find that the good deals will start to outnumber the duds.
I think we all realize how important it is to cut down the chemicals that we’re exposing ourselves to through some of the products we use. So when I saw FX’s Wild Harvest Hair Curls Up Dandelion Serum Cream at CVS practically screaming at me the naturalness of the gel I snatched it up without even thinking twice. No parabens, animal testing or phthalates?  Perfect. Wait…phthalates….What is that anyway? New rule: never buy something you can’t pronounce.
I bring it home and try it out and it’s not quite what I expected.I assume when something is a serum, it’s a little more liquid. This was really thick, like a gel. My hair is really thick and I have a lot of it so gels aren’t a good option for me.I feel like they get stuck on the hairs that I touch directly and don’t penetrate very well. Serums and curl milks work better because they move through my hair easier.  I felt like in order to get a good, even distribution I had to run my hands through my hair a lot, which causes frizz. Curly girls, you know that the less you can touch your hair, the better the curls come out.
Once I dried it with a diffuser, it was uneven. The parts that got the gel looked great, stayed all day and didn’t look dry or frizzy. But, there were a lot of wavy pieces with little definition that frizzed out by the end of the day. I would have to use a ton each time and section out my hair to apply it to get the best results. A bit too much work for me.

 If you have curl hair that’s thinner, or you don’t have the equivalent of three heads of hair like I do, this might work well. Not for me though. It was really too good to be true. I’ll have to stick with my chemical filled milks and serums for now. Unless anyone out there can recommend something that’s good for me and works? You know, something that’s NOT too good to be true? 

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