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Krista brings you another edition of Hump Day Hair Days…

So there’s something that’s been bothering me for a while. David Spade’s hair. He has my hair. Same cut. Same color. But his is prettier. And I just can’t take it anymore. There, I said it.

I can’t help but be distracted every time I watch The Showbiz Show trying to analyze his flat iron technique, just where he parts it to get the right flip, how he keeps his ends so smooth… Frankly, it’s a little unnerving. This little man is out there walking around with my hair, but his looks better! Call me cuckoo, but have things gone too far when we start checking out men to figure out what kind of products they use, who their aesthetician is, or where they get their nails done?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about the metrosexual. After all, it’s just giving men permission to do the things we’ve been wanting them to do for decades. By all means, yes, get your back waxed and do something about your nasty feet! Stock your bathroom with skincare kits, shampoo and conditioner, masks, pumice stones, shower gel (no bar soap, please), lip balm, and a working hair dryer! How much of a relief is it when you can take a shower at your boy’s house with his products and know that you can come out looking somewhat put together? I’m not asking for the moon, or mascara, or bronzer, or lipstick… Just have some basic products on hand that we both need.

I once dated a guy who was in his early 30’s and owned absolutely no moisturizing products. I’m not talking high-end facial products. I mean nothing whatsoever. Hand cream, body lotion, nada. Like, what, he does a sinkfull of dishes and thinks, “Gosh, my hands are so dry and cracked. I sure wish they made something for this…”? It apparently never occurred to him in his 30-plus years that in fact, there is such a product for exactly that purpose. Sorry, HOM, but sometimes your people just aren’t that bright.

On the other hand, things can go way too far. Men are product whores just as much as we are when they are unleashed. I had a male friend of mine stay at my house for a week or so a few years back. I started to wonder what exactly he was doing during his daily 2-hour showers. It became very clear when every scrub, gel, exfoliant, cleanser and conditioner in my bathroom was half gone after he left.

But there are places we just don’t need our men to go. They shouldn’t take longer than we do to get ready. They should have a product to treat blemishes, but not cover a breakout with concealer. I’m fine with a nail file, but polish? No. And do, yes do, have a pair of tweezers and use them. Get your brows waxed, but not shaped! And do not own or ever, ever use a flat iron. On your hair that looks just like mine. But better.

Fudge is a line that appeals to both men and women. It’s de-girlified enough for men, but sexy enough for us. Wet Wax is a product that’s both functional and fun. According to the Fudge website, “Wet Wax is a lightweight styling aerosol wax that controls, refines and defines hair.” I like to use it as a spray for light, flexible hold, or spray it on my hands to shape and define. Unlike other spray waxes, it has a shine component to it so it won’t dull your ‘do. And unlike a solid wax, it’s not heavy or pasty. It’s just good fun – for girls and for boys.

Ladies, any thoughts on FUDGE WET WAX??

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