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FEKKAIMeg here! Sometimes a company will forget that we need 10 of one type of product to get a really well reviewed item from all types of women and lately, men. This was the case with Frederick Fekkai’s 3 Minute Mask.

Davidlovesmeg is a friend of mine that is one tough judge on hair products. He would be our own Simon Cowell. If David likes it then we know it really works! Then we kick ourselves and say “lucky duck! Why didn’t I keep that?” Today’s Manly Monday is from our follicle friend that found a fab Fekkai item!

Sometimes in battle, it is necessary to call in the big guns.  

Stress, dry environment, excessive washing, and hair treatments are all things that can cause our hair to dry out even with regular daily use of the best conditioner.  I am lucky, and I have particularly thick hair, but it tends to dry out quickly if I don’t care for it perfectly.  Sometimes (during the difficult times)  I find it necessary to kick things up a notch, and to start using an intensive hair moisturizing mask, one or two times a week, in addition to daily conditioning.

To this end, I strongly recommend the Fekkai Technician Color Care 3-Minute Mask.  First of all, this product comes in a very serious little container that is going to look cool in your shower.  But more importantly, it works exactly how we need it to: it saturates the hair in a quality blend of humectants, moisturizers, and natural UV protectants  (including the Galanga root) .  What makes this product truly phenomenal is that it delivers intense moisture evenly throughout the hair, and then it easily and cleanly rinses away.  It leaves hair feeling moisturized and alive, but not at all weighed down and greasy.  This is the balance that all quality conditioners should aim for and the Fekkai 3-Minute Mask has achieved it – it’s basically a miracle of modern chemistry.  I love how my hair feels immediately following use of this product and for a few days afterward.  And with consistent use, over time, you should continue to notice improvement in overall hair appearance.  Be forewarned, this is a intensive formula and should not be overused.  As the name of the product suggests, it is particularly useful for – and even will protect – hair that has been color treated.  It will still also work well on non-color treated hair too. I very much approve of yet another innovative product from Frederic Fekkai.

Who else is a Fekkai fan? What hair masks are you loyal too?


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