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Okay, so I think it’s pretty well established that here at megsmakeup there are no taboos. So what the hell, I’ll just go right into it.

I lost my virginity to my hairdresser. Uh-huh, I know. Maybe that explains a lot about what I’m doing right now. Writing a column about hair, being obsessed with my hair, being fanatical about hair products… I dunno. Maybe not. (And as a BTW, I’ve always hated the term “losing” your virginity In the best circumstances, it’s not a “loss”, it’s a gain, and the older you get, the better it gets, n’est pas?)

So I know it’s a little like a scene out of Shampoo (and no, I’m no Megan – I haven’t dated celebrities, so no, it wasn’t Warren Beatty). It was this hot surfer boy who worked at a salon in the lower Haight in San Francisco. And it was completely premeditated. If he cuts my hair, he’ll want to take me out, right? Sometimes the best laid plans (no pun intended, of course) actually work, and this one did.

He’s not the only hot straight male hairdresser I’ve had. For some reason, a lot of non-hot straight males seem to think that if you’re a guy and you do hair, you must be gay. Not so! What’s a better way to get play with the ladies than by running your fingers through their hair and making them look and feel fabulous? It’s a really smart career choice if you’re looking for some action.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I got this email from Frédéric Fekkai’s PR Manager, the ever-fabulous Lisa Lauri, who says: “Frédéric would recommend that you embrace your hair’s natural texture and wear it curly…” OMG. I have been having a love affair with Frédéric’s products for years. Not only that, but gay, straight, transvestite, I really don’t care – let’s face it, Frédéric is one sexy man. And he’s giving me hair tips! Okay, his PR Manager is giving me hair tips. Well, his PR Manager, who I’m sure has met FF, in fact probably works closely with him, is giving me tips based on what she thinks Frédéric would recommend. But it’s completely possible that they discussed me and my hair type and she passed along his suggestions after a long debate about what I, personally, should use. Right?

Right. Let me live in my dream world. Regardless, I’ve never met a Fekkai product that I didn’t love. The Luscious Curls line is no different. Here’s one way that you know he loves the ladies (from close or afar) is that all of his products smell delicious. And all of the styling products I’ve used are very touch-friendly. Meaning that they’re products you can put on your hair and not be afraid that if you touch your hair, your hands will be greasy or sticky or lacquered. In fact, they make me want to touch my hair more.

Luscious Curls, like every other product he makes, is rich and luxurious and makes you feel decadent every time you use them. The styling cream gives light hold to your curls, takes the frizz out, and keeps them under control without, in his, my new boyfriend’s words, “leaving curls crunchy or dull-looking.” And did I mention, that this is what Frédéric has personally recommended. To me. Dreamy. Ahhh, I love my job.

Any other ladies LOVE FEKKAI and tried Luscious Curls?

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