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FHIMeg hair! Ha! Hump day’s got me a little bit batty today.
Let’s just cut to it, the FHI T-Rex Clips are not for me! Well, so I thought. My previous experience has been “professional hair clips” sliding down my head. Thank-you very much baby fine hair!

On the other end of the specrtrum, I wondered how the heck did you ladies with actual hair get the clips to hold all of it while you worked?
Divide it into sections while flat-ironing, curling, blow-dry-you name it! When Megken was at Marco Pelusi having his hair cleaned up I noticed Marco had these-in red. FHI makes all sorts of professional grade products and when your see that the top hair artists in town are using their products…Let’s just say I was happy it was just one of the amazing items I was going to get to introduce to our ladies! Yup, a pair of these amazing clips were in our Megsmakeup goody bags.

They didn’t fall out of my hair while I sectioned off to curl! They felt pretty snug and when it came time to take them out there was absolutely no pull!

We’re all busy and there is a reason that FHI is found in all the top salons. They make hair time so much faster. HAIRSTYLISTS I hope you’re ready to order these for your clients!

I just want all of the goodies that the professionals have because, like clockwork two things always happen to me.
1. The day I go in for my hair to be styled, cut, etc. I always have the best hair day leaving my house for the appointment. It’s just Murphy’s Law.
2. By the same token I am never going to get my hair looking that amazing on my own when I leave the salon. Ever.

I’m guessing these T-rex clips are really going to be a Godsend for ladies with thick hair bitches I mean wonderful women that I’m not in the least bit jealous of!

Ladies, how did your FHI T-Rex Styling Clips work for you?



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