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I am pleased to introduce Krista, a women that has been searching for the perfect hair product longer then the search for the holy grail! Enjoy! Happy Hump Day! Love, Meg

Hey, ladies, and Happy Hump Day! Here’s to the first installment of Hump Days for Hair! While I usually celebrate the halfway-mark-to-the-weekend with a post-work martini, or 2, or 6 (in all honesty, I’ll still be doing that), it’ll also be my day for reflection. Hair, hair, hair! Most of us will never look like a girl in a shampoo ad. But all of us will try… and usually fail. We even have a term for it: Bad Hair Day.

Some have a face that could launch a thousand ships; Bette Davis had eyes that inspired; others have bought their way into the cleavage Hall of Fame. But what do we all, every one of us, have in common? Bad hair days.

We’ll spend millions on miracle face creams that never make good on their word. We’ll search high and low for a lip plumper that really, uh, plumps, knowing full well there is no such thing. Foundations, powders, and bronzers all promise flawless, glowing, healthy skin, but is there really one that delivers on all 3 fronts? I’ll give anything a whirl, but I’ve been around the block too many times to fall for gimmicks, false claims, and phony promises.

But hair? Just slap SUCKAH on my face when I’m guaranteed lustrous, glossy, luxurious locks. (Take my wallet!) Velvet-soft hold for a fly-away-free-finish! (No, really, here are the keys to my car!) A miracle for your mane for the sleekest sheen you’ll ever experience! (My firstborn is yours!)

It’s not me (right?), it’s not my hair (it can change!), it’s just that I don’t have the right products!!! They will save me. They will change my life. I’m not asking for much. Not perfect hair. Not even great hair. Just no more bad hair days. Lead me there and I will follow and I will be yours for life.

So let’s start with a product that delivers. Now a cult favorite, Fekkai Glossing Cream is a “sheer styling cream with pure olive oil that eliminates frizz and adds moisture and shine to all hair types” that “hydrates, sleeks, and shines”.

This brings to mind a scene from Sex & the City. We all have our favorite episodes, lines and characters. (Which girl are you? Me? – a little bit of Miranda and a lot of Samantha. Mix 2 parts practicality with 3 helpings of loose morals, and voila!) But here’s a line that I’ll never get out of my head because it was so… baffling.

…cut to Carrie and Charlotte walking down a Soho street. Convo topic: Charlotte’s oh-so-effortless teacher’s-pet perfection:

Charlotte to Carrie: “Is my hair too shiny?”

Hold on. Wait. What? “Is my hair too shiny”? Overly shiny hair is a problem people suffer from? If one suffered from it, would it really be a problem?

I have curly hair. I can spend an hour with a dryer and flat iron trying to convince it that is not, but it is. My hair is never flat. It can be straight-er. But it is, in the end, curly. And what is curly hair not? Shiny. Curly hair is not shiny. Ask any professional, read any book. That’s just the way it is.

Until I found Fekkai. I’ve tried every polish, serum, and spray on the market. And one unforgettable morning, Glossing Cream entered my life. Slathered on pre-dry, then post-iron, I saw something funny in the mirror. It took me a while to figure out what it was. There, glinting like tiny particles of glass, the picture of unseen-before brilliance, my de-frizzed and silken locks. Could it really be?

Is my hair too shiny?

Ladies, please post if you love this product !

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