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ETHNIC BEAUTY 101: THE NO NO’S OF MINERAL OIL! This is true for everyone!

ETHNIC BEAUTY 101: THE NO NO’S OF MINERAL OIL! This is true for everyone!

nomineraloilJasmine here! As the official Black Friday of the market place as well as my first official posting for Black Fridays, I thought I would use today as sort of an informative piece that I hope will help you with your holiday shopping as you take advantage of the great sales and product offerings going on today.

Have you ever used a moisturizer for your skin, a conditioner for your hair, or a moisture balm for your lips that worked so well in the first few applications only to find the awe inspiring results quickly fade with use? Have you ever looked at the ingredient list wondering what you have gotten so used to in the product that your hair/skin is no longer responding? I think almost everyone has had this experience at one time or another.

The most common reason for this is that some beauty products contain various synthetic fillers – mainly because they are much less expensive and easier to obtain – that coat the areas of concern giving the illusion of repair instead of actually treating and replenishing with whole ingredients. Today I’m focusing on mineral oil – one of the most prevalent ingredients you will find in beauty products (especially ethnically targeted brands) yet the least effective and most damaging in my honest opinion. Don’t worry ladies…I will lay out my whole list of synthetic products to avoid in the near future..Kiss Mineral oil – also known as petroleum, petrolatum, paraffin and squalene (though the latter two are less harsh / concentrated forms) – is a by-product of crude oil that gasoline companies view as unusable waste. Now if this stuff is not good enough to put in our cars why would we want to use this on our bodies?

Petroleum based products may seem effective at first because it coats the pores and gives the illusion of moisture infusion. However mineral oil is not natural or a moisturizer so over time it will cause excessive dryness increasing not only your need to continue use but the amount needed to restore (perceived) balance as well. Add that to the fact that your body does not know how to break down this synthetic concoction and this is a lose-lose in both the beauty and health departments in my book. Unfortunately, I have noticed that there are quite a few products geared towards black and ethnic women claiming to moisturize us and yet list this very drying ingredient first! (Side Note: ingredients are listed in order from highest percentage to least with the first ingredient making up the most portion of the product and so on – this goes for food ingredient listings as well.) Mineral oil in all its forms is a definite no-no for us ethnic beauties who need true moisture for our dry-prone hair and skin, but anyone with very dry hair and/or skin should avoid it (i.e. psoriasis, cracked skin/hair, dandruff, extreme split ends, coarse curly hair, etc.)  Now occasionally I come across products with paraffin or squalene that I do enjoy and will use because it’s effect is not as harsh, yet in the end I find the results are still the same so I still try to avoid them.

As you browse through your favorite shopping centers and specialty stores this weekend enticed by the discounted products and holiday gift baskets, the enormous amount of options can be overwhelming and at time border on insanity. However, now that you armed with the knowledge of what you should expect NOT to see in quality beauty products, you can zone in on those that are really worth your attention. Happy Belated Turkey Day chicas and happy buying! Kiss

Who else avoids mineral oil like the plague?

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