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doveconditionerMeg here! My trip is coming to a close! I am currently in Santiago, Chile on a layover and will be (hopefully) waking up in LA.

Stacy B here! Saying goodbye to summer is always hard but after it hits late September/early October and you can’t really justify a beach day no matter how warm it gets, it’s time to really let go. Like getting over an ex boyfriend, it’s good to make a pros and cons list.  The pros are always obvious: beach days, warm weather, longer days, fun-filled social weekends, but there are cons too. There’s the humidity, sweaty, oily skin, being in a bikini in public and hair that gets frizzy and dried out from one too many days at the beach. Early fall is a really good time to recover from summer’s cons.
Along with new nail polish colors, new clothes and boots, it’s also time for new products, like lotions that combat drying skin when the weather cools, cheek colors that are less sun kissed and more rosy and products that heal your hair after a summer of sun, sand, salt water and beach-y breezes. Right after Labor Day, I took a good look at my hair and realized it was looking a little frayed, dried and sun-bleached. Since I’m already (yes….already) working on my holiday budget, I didn’t have time or money for a salon treatment for a cut, color and condition. I decided to do what I could on my own from my local drugstore for a few weeks and see how it looked. I was really hoping for a great product that would save me time and money at a salon. I’ve been reviewing and loving Dove products lately, so why not see what Dove has to offer my tired hair?
I found Dove’s Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner. This promises to nourish and replenish essential nutrients for smooth, soft, shiny hair. Just what I needed. I knew it had to be thick and creamy to work it’s way through my very thick, coarse, wavy mane of hair. I used my normal shampoo (there is an oil care shampoo, but I got nervous there would be too much oil floating around so I went with just the conditioner) and then this conditioner. First, it’s SO thick. Like turn your hand upside down in the shower and it doesn’t move. Second, it’s ribboned, so there’s the white conditioner and a ribbon of gold oil care which is not oily at all. It felt more like a hair mask than a conditioner when I put it on. I had to really work it through all my hair, but despite it’s thickness, it spread fairly easily.
When I rinsed, I did feel a little oily which surprised me because the conditioner itself didn’t feel greasy. I had to rinse a few extra times and it still felt really slick but there was not much I could do at that point, so I just got out and went through my normal styling routine. I was very pleasantly surprised, as I have been with a lot of Dove products lately. My hair was so soft and smooth and no frizz at all! Even though it felt like I didn’t get a good rinse, I clearly did. My hair was not oily at all. I was really surprised that my slick hair dried into soft, manageable hair. Dove is really kind of amazing!
This is made for daily use, but I have found that using it 2-3 times a week is just enough. My hair feels great.
I still need to figure out what do to with my sun-caused highlights because they are starting to grow out a bit and I’m looking a bit streaky, but this conditioner took care of all my dry, summer frizz. I didn’t try the shampoo (has anyone else?) but am so satisfied with just the conditioner that for now, I’m not going to. I don’t see the need. Another great product at a low price from a company that seems to really understand women, their hair, skin and face and what we want. Yay for Dove again, I’m a huge fan!
Who else has tried this conditioner? Did you use the shampoo too?

Meg here! I too have been loving the Dove Hair Products lately!! I brought some of the hair serum on my trip (the other’s are in glass bottles so they were a “no”) I was surprised it worked nearly as good as my $40 pricey stuff. There’s my 2 cents. Kiss

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