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Tis’ the season to be glamorous, fa la la la la, la la la la! I’ve been up to my ears in holiday parties so far, which I don’t mind at all, because I get to wear all those sassy little outfits that scream festivity!! My purchase of the season is a black, silk, tiered ruffled skirt from Rugby (Ralph Lauren’s funky punky line) that I’ve pared with everything from a shrunken red cardigan to a push-my-boobs-up-to-the-heavens bustier. I am also LOVING my opaque black stocking with my staked platform shoes with a thin heel. Yummy. And ok, I’ll admit it I abuse the body shimmer products this time a year! Hi my name is Rachael and I am a holiday sparkle addict!!

But I’m not here to talk about fashion or excess body shimmer products; I’m here to celebrate the party hair dos that go along with them!! This time of year, besides picking out my party clothes and breaking out the holiday decorations, I am also busy dusting off the ol’ curling iron, because nothing says “party on my head” like a crown of banana curls! But here’s the problem: you want to keep the curls in place even after ODing on egg nog, making out under the mistletoe, ripping it up on the dance floor, and getting naughty in the broom closet with the guy from accounting. All that without looking like you have hair helmet on your head!

And here’s my suggestion. I am a huge fan of Frederick Fekkai’s Sheer Hold Hairspray but HATE the $22 price tag. I think I even paid, like, $38 one time in Canada. Hey, it was a hair emergency, AND I had yet to discovered Dove’s Flexable Hold Hairspray !!! For 3.99 a can this stuff is worth it’s weight in gold. It’s the only thing I’ve found that can rival FF. You can actually brush thru it, once it dries and the memory will preserve your style. You can use it on sections of your hair to create body and it won’t get flaky or look like you dumped Elmers Glue on your head. You can even use it on 1” or 2” sections before you curl them with your curling iron! It smells delish, not too strong. And feels fabu!! So go on ladies, sparkle and curl! It’s the holidays!

And PS, dust a little of that body shimmer on your face for an extra festive shine! You’ll leave a little fairy dust on everyone you hug or kiss!

Any other Dove Hair Products Lovers Out There!!

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