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Meg here! In the spirit of everyone discussing their green habits and loves I thought it could be a good time to bring up David Babaii for WildAid. Hairstylist Babaii partnered up with his client Kate Hudson and came out with a line based on his years as the go-to guy for Angelina and Nicole. Yup, That Angelina and That Nicole.

It’s nice when people in any profession use their celebrity and skill for a charity. Babaii and Hudson decided to join their efforts and give a portion of the proceeds to stop the illegal trade of endangered wildlife. (Insert Cougar Joke Here)Kiss

Some of us were lucky enough to be sent David Babaii’s Hair Polish to test out. First off, it smells beautiful-like a really upscale baby powder. I know that’s a strange description but picture if Barney’s sold a baby powder line. It has a little bit of a milky, illuminating sheen to the product. It’s not clear. It seems to glisten.

My hair is that fabulous consistency of oily roots with the beautiful dry damage of coloring. Don’t be jealous. Usually, I tend to shy away from hair polish and glosses because I fear I will turn into Miss Limp Flat Hair. I don’t want to need viagra for my hair!

Fear not! I used a dime sized amount and steered clear of my roots. I used this on my damp hair, blew it dry, used my flat-iron and then used a little to finish it off! Voila! I don’t know about WildAid but David tamed the beast that is my hair. (Seriously folks, I’ll be here all night-just warming up with the cougar bit.)

I really like this product and I like that some of my money spent on it will go towards animals out there. Because, let’s face it, it really is a jungle out there. (I know I know.)

Who else has tried David Babaii’s products? What did you think? Any other Hair Polish fans?

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