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I’m just so so excited! I paid $13.00 bucks and my hair is so soft and looks so good! I have to share the genius of Clairol’s Perfect 10!

I didn’t follow the directions, I have to admit, I couldn’t believe anything that would wipe away greys in 10 minutes. I stopped believing in Santa at age 7 . You should see my poor sink. It”s gross. There are hair dye droppings everywhere. Like a pigeon in the park that had Mexican for lunch the stain drops are impossible to recover back to normal. THEY STAIN! No stains with this product. I swear. Absolutely none.
Listen to me ladies, I always end up with hair drippings and face stain, but I am very happy to report that Clairol’s Perfect 10 really does deliver Grade A salon results without either. The applicator is fool-proof. It’s in the shape of a comb and the dye is delivered through a comb thru mechanism. All I can say to you is I used this, it cost me $13.00 I swear I look like I sat in a famous colorist’s chair. Before you pay the big bucks for great hair, give this a try!

High speed, high gloss color in just 10 minutes!
100% Long-lasting gray coverage.
High speed, high gloss permanent color that gives reflective shine and dimension in just 10 perfect minutes!
The Perfect 10 haircolor experience – never before possible at home!
Perfect 10 Shade Guide:
Shade 6A is a light ash brown shade which offers high gloss color that will enhance your natural dimension.
For optimal results, use on dark blonde to dark brown hair.
How does Perfect 10 work in just 10 minutes?
Only Perfect 10 has our breakthrough cream formula, with shine-activating micro pearls, that infuses color twice as fast vs. our leading permanent colorant.
And our patented PerfectColor Comb is designed to wrap every strand in the gentle color cream for amazing natural-looking results.
Will it cover my grays? Will the color last?
Absolutely! Perfect 10 is so fast, yet so flawless.
Even our toughest grays are perfectly covered and the high gloss color resists fading, so you get 100% long-lasting gray coverage.
Will it leave my hair healthy and shiny?
Yes. Perfect 10 has a dual conditioning system – an advanced color cream formula with built-in conditioners, plus 6 weekly treatments of ColorSeal Intensive Conditioning Cream for the ultimate in high gloss color.
So, high speed, high gloss natural-looking color in just 10 minutes.
What are you waiting for?
Made in USA.

The $13 treatment made me so sexy! Did it work on you?
Perfect 10 – Buy It Here!

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