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Xstatic817 here and not to step on the impeccably pedicured toes of our drugstore deal gal Gigi, but this week I just felt inspired to write about one of my favorite home hair colors – straight outta CVS.

I realized last week when I was choosing my new shade that I have now been dyeing my hair for half my life; I’m 28 and my first coloring experience was when I was 14. A brief hair color history: Anyone remember Glints? Well, that was my first foray and it was a temporary dye that lasted about 2 weeks and never actually showed up in my dark brown hair.

Did I mention that my goal color was that of Claire Danes from My So-Called Life? My blonde best friend at the time was able to achieve this color – accidentally — using another new semi-permanent dye called Natural Instincts in a color called Cinnaberry. She wanted an auburn tint; she got Angela Chase. I got frustrated. Then I got purple hair from some burgundy hair dye that I thought would make me into the object of Jordan Catalano’s affection. Since then I’ve tried pretty much every dye on the shelves — seriously, I don’t even want to list all of the brands because there are just too many.

A few highlights (pardon the pun) of my hair coloring life

1) The reverse-skunk look my mom did with a home coloring kit to be in high school. We were so afraid that we’d miss the roots that we ended up ONLY getting the roots. Thankfully, this led to her paying for 2 years worth of beautiful blonde and caramel highlights at an actual salon.

2) When I bleached my hair a month before college graduation. It was short then, I’d never been BLONDE blonde, I was broke, and I decided it would be easy to bleach my hair. Heck, I even read up on how to do it on the internet. Well, it was blond…ish – orange-y blonde, I’d say, and I wore it with pride — even as my parents cringed during graduation pictures and made multiple comments about the “value” of my ivy league education.

3) My Bettie Page phase. Technically, this is still going on – I love all things rockabilly, leopard, retro, cherry and so on. Last year, I decided to dye my hair black. Not once, but twice. I enjoyed it, but I just can’t keep a hair color for more than a few months so this spring I decided I was over it and wanted lighter hair. I decided to go all out and splurge at a fancy NYC salon and ended up at the one that the likes of J. Lo and Jessica Simpson go to. Well, $500 dollars and 8 hours later my black hair had been stripped, re-colored, and highlighted. I looked like a million bucks.

Problem is, it wasn’t me. Maybe it’s because I felt that I looked like everyone else in NY and Long Island, where I live. I was tortured. I didn’t have the money, obviously, to go back to a professional but honestly, I just hated looking at myself in the mirror. So I decided to go back to my roots (and the hair puns just keep on comin’). I wanted red hair and bought Natural Instincts in Cinnaberry.

It’s super simple to use and takes almost no time at all. In fact, this is one of the first times I’ve dyed my hair myself and not gotten hair color splatter all over the bathroom. I’ve never done the strand tests or allergy tests; sorry, I just don’t have the patience for that. The resulting color? Well, I was ready to call over Ricky and Rayanne. I think the color took well because of the blonde highlights I had, but of course, there are now sooo many color options that I think even if you have dark hair, you’ll be able to get the color you want. And my hair felt freakin’ amazing! Clairol says: “Natural Instincts is rich in antioxidants and free of ammonia, so you can feel free to use it month after month. And the more often you color, the healthier your hair looks!” I know, it seems counter-intuitive. I realize my hair isn’t actually healthier, but it does look super healthy and shiny, and hey, I’ll take it!

So, what’s your favorite home hair dye? Anyone else out there have a hair color to dye for? (sorry, I just love the puns today!)

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