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foamMeg here! I’m sure this will be hard for many of you to believe, but, I can be impulsive-shocker, right? I have the greatest hair colorist in the world Marco Pelusi and I know I should never dye my hair myself. Remember the video of the last time I tried that? Not pretty. Cost hundreds to fix. Did I learn my lesson? Of course not!

Under the harsh, fluorescent drugstore bulbs I caught a glimpse of my grey roots. They’re really almost silver at this point and no, I don’t want to leave them, so let’s not even start that dead end conversation. I had a date later on in the evening, the worst thing I could do to this man was make it appear that I was actually age appropriate for him! This is L.A. there are few worst insults…Kiss

Like a raccoon drawn to a shiny object I was drawn to a hot pink box (you’re welcome marketing exec’s everywhere.) It also helped that all around the Clairol Color Blend Foam display were signs screaming “NEW!”

It was on. I threw caution to the wind and color “light blond” box in my basket. A foam? 100% grey coverage? A pink box? New? My God, I had to try it. So I did!

Here are my findings. At first I was a little confused how the pump contraction worked. I added the mix exactly like we do in standard hair dyes. The only difference is there is not a nozzle top. A pink dispenser is on top. This confused me. I added the mix. I shook it until it looked all foamy in the bottle and then I could not figure out how to dispense it. I never found a button on top. My technique was too squeeze the side of the bottle, not pump the dispenser itself.
This maybe the correct technique because it worked great!

Here is what I loved! I loved the fact that it was not a drippy liquid. I can’t tell you how many counter-tops, bathroom doors, towels and bathmats I have left with black/purple dye spots. Like you’ve never done that?

I’m happy to report that this easy to use, mess free formula that is cheap (I paid $10.99) worked gorgeously.  I know my hard-to-color greys so I left it on my roots for 35 minutes. Then I went back and added the rest of the foam for an additional 15 minutes. My color is perfect, looks natural, not brassy or orange or god forbid-green again! The risk was worth the reward my friends! You know I speak the truth! I dogged all the other ones after what I refer to as “The Incident.” I’m lucky I still have hair left to color after that day!

My roommate was especially impressed with my job. I was nervous it was just because I caught her after happy hour but no, the date said it looked good too. I haven’t seen anyone else yet today but I am sure they will be stopping me in the street, asking me “How did you get that fabulous color?”

I give this an A. I would give it an A+ but I only have had it now for a day so I’m not sure how the color will hold up. I hope it’s not quick to fade…

How about you? What’s your go-to home color box? Would you try a foam?

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