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BabyLove here!  I’m constantly surprised by how quickly my two boys have become so aggressive.  William is 4, and Calum is 2, and I’m ready to move out. All day long, they yell at one another, push, pull, steal toys, bite, kick, punch, and scream at the top of their lungs.  The only solution that I’ve come up with is that I MUST get them out of the house within a hour of them waking up.  My location of choice-the beach.

Both boys are sturdy enough to stay standing in the water.  They can swim a little, and it allows me a chance to sit on my towel, close enough to the water just in case one goes under.  The screams are replaced with laughter, and they play sort of nicely together.  It’s so pleasant to watch them enjoy themselves without all of the injuries usually sustained at home.  Their pediatrician told me, “boys are like dogs, you have to run them,” and he’s right.  When we get home, they’re both too tired to try and annoy one another.  Everyone wins.

I’m not a fantastic swimmer, and I’m not incredibly thrilled about getting into the water with fish and seaweed.  My least favorite part of going to the beach is picking through my hair and finding a random dead bug. The never ending battle is trying to rinse the sand out of my kid’s hair.  But, since we go to the beach first thing in the morning, come home for lunch and nap, and then go back to the beach after dinner, it’s becoming a daily battle.

Here at, we were all thrilled when Circle of Friends came into our lives.  Megan has posted some lovely videos with the owner Eleanor, highlighting some of their fantastic bath products, but most of you might remember them from their very popular lice preventative shampoo and conditioner. Remember to pick up some for the upcoming school year, it’s the best!  They carry the smartest products, and they work fabulously.  So, I was so excited when I received a package from Circle of Friends, full of their swim care line!  Their pre-swim condition, and swim shampoo have saved all the heads in my house this Summer.Emma’s Pre Swim Conditioner comes in an eight ounce spray bottle, and smells just like coconuts.  “It coats and seals the hair follicle, shields hair shaft, and hydrates hair with non-greasy “oil-free” conditioning.”  It prevents the hair from turning green from the chlorine in swimming pools and from drying out from the sun and saltwater.  It works amazing.  My boys have pretty short hair, so I’ve hijacked this from them.  It’s way more gentle than anything you’ll find on the shelves of your overpriced salon.  For reviewers with daughters, I’m sure this has been an absolute life saver.  My hair is shoulder length, and I spray this all over my head before I leave.  My hair color hasn’t faded, and my hair hasn’t felt like straw after those long days of sitting in the sun and playing in the water.  After washing this out of my hair, I could probably not bother washing it since it protects it so well.

The boys and my husband have used Splish Splash Shampoo almost everyday since we started hitting the beach.  It’s super thick, and you have to work in a little bit of water, but you know from the consistency of it that clears those bugs and sand right out.  At the end of their shower, you can see the piles of sand at the bottom of the tub.  It’s SLS free, and full of vitamins to moisturize hair that has taken a beating from the sun, sand, and water.  Their hair is left super soft, and literally all of the debris is removed.

We’ll be taking special interest in Circle of Friends over the next few weeks.  I swear, you have to look at their website.  You’ll find products you didn’t even know existed.  All orders over $20 receive free shipping, the deals are impossible to beat!

If you have ever struggled with your childs hair during swim time you need this! Who else is obsessed with Circle of Friends?

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