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cofBabyLove here!  I’m so sorry I missed you all last week, but I’m on vacation in Florida trying to get a break from the 30 degree weather in Boston. It’s been 75 all week, and I’m loving every second of this before returning to the miserable northern winter that awaits me.
Our next topic! While not as glamorous as ice cream smelling shampoo, we must talk about the unpleasant topic of head lice. I’m 28 years old (just shy of 29), and I’m wondering: how many of you ladies remember lining up in grade school and heading down to the nurse’s office for a head lice check? It was always the most horrifying day at school, especially for the poor kids who had it, and I remember thinking, even at 10, that there had to have been a more discreet way to handle such an embarrassing situation. It was like the college “walk of shame.” I never had head lice, but I  had friends who did and were forced to stay out of school until their head was “cleared.” There’s no denying it, head lice is super gross. However, it’s not just something that “dirty” kids get, and thankfully, there are ways to prevent it. And yes, for all of you Megheads who must know, while I never had head lice, I have had to do the “walk of shame.” As I was doing my product research for, I knew that I had to get my hands on some preventative head lice products. Circle of Friends, a fantastic company with great children’s bath and body products, sent me samples of their preventative head lice shampoo and leave-in conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner are gentle enough to be used everyday, or just when an outbreak hits your town.

Did you know that head lice will naturally repel away from hair that smells of lavender and that tea tree oil alone has been proven to kill head lice? Circle of Friends knew this and used these as the main ingredients in their shampoo. The shampoo smells clean and is void of the harsh chemical treatments we grew up forced to use.  The spray on leave-in conditioner coats the hair with a little added protection, making it just a little more difficult for the lice to grab hold to, while leaving your child’s hair feeling clean and smelling great.

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner duo on William twice a week for the last three months. I still have plenty product left, and I know that this preventative measure will keep me feeling confident in case of a breakout. Furthermore, William makes no distinction between his other shampoos and this one. This tiny little step, twice a week is not unpleasant for him at all. This is really a no-brainer for me, or for parents of school aged children. Even if there hasn’t been a  breakout in your neighborhood yet, there will be, and you should be armed with Circle of Friends Lice Defense.

Check out the Circle of Friends website! I know that for all you “green” people, they just launched a new organic line of bath products. So many neat, natural products just for the little ones in your life.

Don’t you wish lice defense looked that cool when you were a kid?

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