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cofgelBaby Love here!  I don’t know much of anything about raising little girls.  I have two boys, and when I get together with girlfriends who have daughters, the differences are more than obvious.  It dawned on me a few months ago, that I totally get out of having to try to brush, style, and keep up with hair other than my own.  Sure, the boys have to get haircuts, but other than that, I don’t have to wrestle with pigtails, ponytails, elastics, barrettes, hairspray and detangler. From the horror stories I’ve heard, I think I’m sort of lucking out.  I myself was once the victim of a bad hairstyling accident.  One night when my parents were out and Megan was babysitting me and my friend Gwenn, I managed to get a tiny round brush twirled into my hair.  I could not get it out, started to panic and went into hysterics.  Megan threw me outside and locked the door, which in turn set me off even more.  Somehow one of the neighbors got the brush out, but it scarred me from ever using a tiny round brush again.  It wasn’t until the other day that I overheard William in the bathroom talking to Mike about using some of his hair gel.  Before Mike had the chance to super glue my child’s hair, I ran to the counter and pulled out Circle of Friend’s Lice Defense Hair Gel.

We’re huge fans of Circle of Friend’s line of bath, body, shampoos and conditioners.  We’re especially crazy about their Lice Defense line of products. Products that naturally repel nasty lice bugs are the absolute best!  Not only do I still use the shampoo and conditioner religiously (back to school is the most common time to transmit lice), but now I’ve also started to use this styling gel for my fancy little guy.  Lice do not like hair that is coated in product, especially when the product has tea tree oil in it.  It’s easiest for lice to attach to squeaky clean hair, so whether its Circle of Friend’s Styling Gel or Leave in Conditioner from their lice defense line, I plan on keeping it coated to the max.

This gel is perfect for little ones, boy or girl and even fantastic for big guys and girls.  One of my closest friend’s husbands uses this daily, and says that it’s the best gel he’s ever used.  It doesn’t get flaky or super stiff, and it leaves hair looking natural, but under control.  The hair still feels like hair, and not like metal.  I swear my husband could poke and eye out with his spikes.  It’s perfect for anyone wanting to put something safe in their hair or their kids.  It smells very light, just like a hint of lavender.  It goes into the hair smoothly and washes out without a fuss.  A little goes a super long way, and aside from providing excellent hold, it also protects your child and home from being invaded from those nasty little buggers.

There are very few products that I will continue to buy over and over again.  BUT the second I run out of anything from their Lice Defense Line, I order some more.  Prevention is the key to pretty much everything, and anything that prevents me from being a crazy hair scanning, sheet cleaning, vacuuming freak is worth every penny to me.

It is so true prevention is the key! How do you prevent your child from getting lice? I can’t think of any easier way.

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