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Meg here and I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!
I feel like I need a restful long weekend to recover from my “fun weekend.” I swear I’m starting to regress like a 19 year-old girl preacher’s daughter on Spring Break. I never went on a spring break so I only have MTV as my guide. God help me.

After a nice long weekend of going everywhere and just general hedonistic behavior things tend to get lost on the wayside. Things like, toilet paper and toothpaste and 4 loads of laundry. Those things are not fun to do or buy. I do actually like when I run out of shampoo and conditioner though. That’s always a good 30 minutes well spent in the hair aisle.

I decided to go with Christophe’s color extending (you know my color issues) shampoo and conditioner. I’m a sucker for a label and being in Beverly Hills, I know all things Christophe. Did I mention the bottles are pink? Yup, if they slapped the Chanel logo on toilet paper I would have it.

It was around $7 for each big bottle so I wasn’t expecting greatness. I shouldn’t be such a cynic! This stuff worked great on my overly abused and beaten tresses. I was (big shocker) on the run again so I didn’t have time to add my moisture serum in before running out the door. It wasn’t as great as if I had taken the time to put it on but my hair didn’t look bad without it. Not bad at all!

Christophe says“A key ingredient in the Color Extending formula is Heliogenol, which is extracted from sunflower seeds and protects hair color against damaging ultraviolet rays. Vitamin C and creatine round out the formula’s ingredients, strengthening and revitalizing color-treated hair.”

So while the rest of me may be making up for lost time and having a great, not quite wholesome party. I atleast know my hair is being very well protected! All for around $15 for both items total! That’s the smartest thing I’ve done this week!
Any other ladies want to chime in on Christophe Beverly Hills, found right at your local CVS?

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