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christine hair glaze

Meg here! Hope everyone has been having a great week! Today, I have a great new paraben free and sulfate free line to introduce you to. “Christine” hair care line by Van Thomas concepts.

There are 4 great products in the line, a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and what I’m grabbing for constantly The Christine Protective Glaze. It’s hair bootcamp over at Megsmakeup land. Between the incessent blow outs, the hot rollers, constantly keeping the color up and a myriad of sprays, foams and mousses… My faux tresses can get worse for the wear.

You know I pray nightly that wigs come into fashion and it seems as though no beauty experts are helping me out with this wish. I have to keep on fighting the good fight! I’m at the end of my 4 month mark of my extensions. That’s when they turn from lush and perfect to ratty and string like with a side of frizz and dryness-SEXY!

I really need to get to NYC and have them redone but as I look at my tax bill, that’s probably not going to be hapening in the immediate week or two. What’s a girl to do? I am holding onto dear life for my Christine Protective Glaze! The glaze is light weight and the bottle is a large size so it has really been lasting me. Once I’m done with my conditioner and wash my hair clean, I squeeze out any excessive water. I then apply a little more than the size of a dime (OK, maybe two dimes) to my palms. Avoiding my roots, I just run it through my hair. By the time I step onto my bath mat to blow my hair out, my tresses are tangle free and feel-dare I say it? Healthy!

The glaze utilizes Life Complex, a formula or keratin, jojoba oils and silk proteins along with grape and hemp seed oils, enriching olive fruit oil and essential vitamin B5. That’s a pretty strong army of protection they’ve got going on over there so it only makes sense it’s going to work. The formula acts as an emollient, locks in color and provides an additional defense against chemical treatments, heat treatments and UV rays, all while adding vibrant shine to all types of hair.

Van Thomas is the hair guru behind this genius product. I’m enjoying all of them but am obsessing over this one so I had to start here. Thomas has had an extensive career in all aspects of hair care including nearly two decades at JOICO. 

After a brief stint at retirement, Thomas faced a personal tragedy and lost his vibrant daughter Christine. The loss forced Thomas to throw himself into a new, creative endeavor and inspired this fantastic new hair care line “Christine.” As a labor of love to not only your hair but his wonderful daughter.

I’ve been using the glaze daily for about 2 weeks and while I am at the end of my extension run, I am able to hide it pretty well. No thanks to the tax man!

Give this line a try, it’s lightweight and I’m told it smells delicious (still having sinus trouble.) The price point is wallet friendly and most importantly-it works!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

What is your leave in routine?

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