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Kate here! Oftentimes when celebrities are being interviewed they are asked “what is the one beauty product you cannot live without”. They usually answer some bs about “drinking water!” or “just a dab of black mascara!”, totally neglecting the real reasons behind their beauty that they could not live without ie weekly facials, peels, laser treatments, fake eyelashes, professional make-up artists etc etc. I often wonder what the ONE thing someone like Posh could not live without is. Could she pick? Could anyone really pick? You may be asking yourself what this has to do with hair. Well let me answer you! This is relevant because I know, without a doubt or any question, what my one product that has astronomically changed my life for the better is. The one I could not live without. The one without I would be a different person.

I speak, of course, about my flat iron. I have mentioned before my hair’s tendency to look like pubic hair. Because of this, I have tried just about every flat iron on the market, from those that cost $10 to those that cost $300. I have decided that on those Wednesday’s when I have nothing new to review, or I am diligently trying out a new product, waiting to report until I have a clear view of what a product does (only the best for you ladies!), I shall engage in what shall furthermore be known as “The Flat Iron Chronicles” where I review the many, many, different flat irons on the market today.

I would like to start today with a very common and popular flat iron, the CHI. The CHI is not for recreational hair straighteners. At around $200 a pop, you have to be pretty serious about straightening your hair to end up with one of these puppies. I used a CHI for about 2 years and I have to give it a rating of C+.

The CHI did an excellent job of straightening my hair, without a kink or a curl left in sight, however, it did not do much to change the TEXTURE of my hair. Those with curly, frizzy hair know how we long for the shiny, silky tresses of our peers. All the CHI did was make my hair equally dry and course, but in a straight and smooth fashion.

My other critique of the CHI is in its poor craftsmanship. I had 5 CHIs in a period of two years because they simply stopped heating up or burned out. Luckily my mom keeps everything, including receipts, so I was able to exchange my CHI every time, but if you were to not have the receipt, you would be out $200. And after working at ULTA for 7 years, I can say it is not just me that has problems with the CHI. It is one of the most commonly returned products we carried.

All told, CHI is an ok hair straightener, but for $200, it better blow my socks off! Or at least make my hair look like Demi Moore’s!

Anyone else have any experience with the CHI that I am missing?

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