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Croman here Meet Chaz Dean: Vermont born, L.A. bred, dog-loving humanitarian, environmentalist and hair care revolutionist. Toss out all your shampoos and soaps ladies – those suddsing agents are bad!

I originally met Chaz Dean and his team when I was involved with Award Show pre-parties hosted at his tropical Zen studio tucked away in a private residential section behind the Arclight theatre in Hollywood. His property is a lush dream like setting with pathways and walkways guiding you between bungalows which house his studio, boutique and offices. Watch out for puppies! There are three new additions to this family!!

Chaz has made it his life to goal to stop the madness behind the well-accepted lather-rinse-repeat method. He educates, informs and guides via QVC, his Hollywood studio and his educational lunches about the health and environmental threats behind those little suds that lather. Little did we know, the additives used to bubble up your hair care and skin care products leech your natural oils and degrade the elasticity of your skin and hair!! For the color treated, “folically challenged”, the sagging skin and the wrinkled lines – listen up! We have been mis-informed and mis-lead down the dark side!

Suddsing agents are bad for fish too! What makes products cheaper is not only detrimental to our goals of beauty, it also seeps down our shower drains and into our oceans. Beware of any products in your bathroom containing Sodium Laurel Sulfate. Chaz has the alternative to the shampoo, condition, deep condition, de-tangler, styling, etc. You can actually use his famous “Cleansing Conditioner” for all these things, and also as a cleanser and moisturizer for your whole face and body. The most important thing to know, is that WEN will not strip away oils and add hardening agents to your body. WEN allows the body to naturally operate while cleaning and cleansing.

I recently went to a lunch at Beverly Hills’ Paperfish (formerly Maple Drive) and learned Chaz has developed a new line of products… I find their new set to be the easiest way to launch into a new chapter of eco-friendly beauty … it includes 1.) the famous original “Cleansing Conditioner” (use it on hair, face and body), 2.) New LAVENDER or CUCUMBER ALOE Styling Creme (for hair), 3.) New LAVENDER or CUCUMBER ALOE Oil (use it for scalp, body and bath) and 4.) New FIG, LAVENDER, SWEET ALMOND MINT or CUCUMBER ALOE Mask (hair).

Lavender Cleansing Conditioner 16oz

Lavender Styling Creme 6oz (New)

Lavender Bath, Body & Hair Oil 4oz (New)

Lavender Re-Moist Hydrating Mask 4oz (New)

Retail Price $144.00

Chad Dean Buy It Here!

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