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mimosaGoddess Granny here with an ax to grind and a mission to accomplish: FTC: it’s not a good week to mess with my Meg…have had yet another stray virus come to call at the ranch and am finally feeling like I can do some virtual a**-whooping from here in Texas! I am feeling a bit beat-up from travel, the change of seasons,the flippin’ daylight savings time change thing, (whose idea IS this???) and the fact that it’s been one hell of a year so far in many ways. My skin is protesting via a perfect pimple on my chin (Apotek mask to the rescue!) my body is weak, my eyes are tight and dry and damn it: even my usual nothing to worry about hair is FREAKING out ! Kiss

It’s just a case of Aunty Ugly coming to call I guess,the bi**h doesn’t realize Halloween is over? Seriously I could haunt more than a house right now and starting this week, have kicked my own butt into high-gear in hopes of getting my self back looking and feeling like the Goddess I am!!!

Hot soothing baths with ginger tea to sip, lovingly applied healing skin-masks, a fresh pedicure, as much sleep as my husband will allow without waking me to ask if I think “it’s cold enough out for a long-sleeved shirt?” (WTH???)_but seriously,my frazzled and vitamin-lacking hair needed something more than a slather of conditioner under a shower cap! It’s been lying there un-loved and rather ratty for a couple of days so because I usually love my hair, I started doing a bit of research  to find “something” that might be gentle enough not to do any more damage but also packed a PUNCH when it came to the shine-factor as well and to treat it with some extra TLC.

FTC: this one’s alllllll on me peeps!!! I’m raving about this amazing product that I discovered and purchased all by my lonesome simply because it IS amazing!

“Herbal-infused pomade that improves manageability and smoothes fly-aways while delivering a sweet scent! The blend’s lack of water makes it perfect to fight the frizzies…Alkanet,an herb native to the Mediterranean this hair dress with it’s bright citrus hue while nettles soothe scalp irritation and sage provides natural antibacterial qualities.”

I couldn’t whip up a better batch of hair-soup that promised to help out better myself and thanks to the fabulous people at “Carol’s Daughter. I can stay out of the kitchen yet another day. I can’t begin to tell you how much I like this company and their products! They are pure, effective, classy, and created by Lisa Price aka “Carol’s Daughter” with the utmost concern for not only healing and treating without harsh chemicals but also beautifully! Her roster of celebrity fans is impressive as are her ever-growing and ever-delicious products: “Almond Cookie Shea Souffle”, “Jamician Punch Sea Salt Scrub”,and her incredible line of hair products for all types of hair have not only kept Lisa in biz, but allowed her to thrive for more than 15 years and to open a flagship store in Harlem, NY in 2005. I love when she says that her “products are still made by hand…just a lot more of them!” I am huge on women-owed businesses and intend to try as much as I can in her amazing line!

Back to the issue at hand: my dead-hair! I started browsing the site after reading SO many reviews that were SO full of praise for the hair products at Carol’s Daughter, I started to suspect that something wonderful lurked in those pages that would be my ticket back to beautiful hair. Who could possibly refuse a name like “Mimosa Hair Honey” touted to be a “light styling butter for all types of hair” that promised incredible shine and no split ends? My fingers couldn’t hit that “BUY” button fast enough! And the price was so incredible that I seriously wondered how it could be so very highly praised my so many indeed in this current market of ridiculously-priced hair products that contain everything under the sun and promise the moon?

I had the generous (a whopping 8 oz.!) but humble tub of hair honey butter in my hand in no time and it smelled SO damn good when I opened it,I literally got some stuck in my nose! TMI… just an amazingly clean and sweet, sexy and soft smell like nothing before…Did I dare hope it would feel as good? Oh yeah Baby: like BUTTA’!!! A creamy, silky, potion that you only need a small amount of to fix ALL that ails your hair!!! You can use this on wet or dry hair, all over or on the ends, before or after styling…you can’t go wrong and can’t mess up-it’s simply that forgiving and good!

No water in it at all…an infusion of red roses, marigolds, red clover, bright orange, amatto seeds, and esential oils of sweet orange. NO parabens, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial colors…damn, this girl is GOOD!

I’m here to tell y’all in front of the FTC and the world that I won’t be without a jar of Carol’s Daughter’s “Mimosa hair Honey” again! It’s truly one of the most delightful and effective hair products I have ever had the immense pleasure of using and you know what?

My hair is soft, shining, looks amazing and sleek, smells so darn good I huff it when I’m typing and is back to it’s former glory!!! Mission accomplished and a new fav product found!!! Read the over 100 testimonials on the site and be sure to check out some of the other really superb products they offer while you are there: it’s going to take me quite a while to get to the bottom of my hair-honey but Honey, it’s going to be a lovely trip!

Do you also have times when you look in the mirror and want to scream? How do you entertain “Aunty Ugly” when she comes to call and fix things up fast?

Buy it here!

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