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tinselIs there ANYTHING worse than a flippin’ Summer cold? Goddess Granny seriously needs to know because I’m been battling one for about two weeks and my energies, looks, and nerves are ravaged! Combine the congestion with the usual schedule of Summer obligations and ta-do’s along with family birthdays and the engagement of my youngest stepdaughter and I will be the first to admit that a HUGE dose of R&R and pamper me pretty is in order! I look like Death eatin’ a cracker as they say here in Texas: I hit up Ulta today and found a few new treats to take the edge off but have been dying to share something FABULOUS and FUN with y’all so here goes!

I have an amazing hair stylist who goes to lots of shows and industry events both in Dallas and NY and she recently came home all excited about a new hair-enhancing product called “Hair Tinsel!” Beyonce sported a head-full of the twinkling strands at the 2010 Grammy awards and the trend has REALLY taken off because it’s easy, semi-permanent and affordable…Finally something we mere mortals can do to look like a star on a realistic budget! It’s ALL the buzz at the top beauty-events right now with no sign of slowing down as we go into Halloween and Holiday season…My salon has trouble keeping several colors in stock but I’ll share my source with you in a bit: you can actually try to do this at home, there are videos on line as well as DVD’s that show you how. I prefer to simply ask my stylist to make me pretty! I’d be surprised if most didn’t already have a set of colors on hand because this look is smokin’ and most salons are cashing in on the fun! LOTS of pretty Texas girls are extra- shiny this Summer!

The product is known by several names but “Hair Tinsel” seems to be the one most recognizable: what they are consists of strands of uber-fine mylar based hair-strands in a wild and vast array of colors that are tied to a strand of your hair for a really amazing and FUN effect! You can get a radical highlighted look or just (like I do…) add a bit of sparkle and a pop of color here and there! They last quite a while-several weeks in some cases. They can be washed and styled with the exception of using HIGH heat on the tinsel: just lower the heat-setting when you do these areas or simple skip them. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been complimented and/or stopped in the last week: my stylist put some “Sparkling Champagne” strands into my red hair in hopes of brightening me and my red, runny nose up a bit and I LOVE the results! Not trashy in the slightest, just a really cute and contemporary look for any occasion and totally can be worn by any age including the younger ones! Not much else you can do to add such an impact to your looks that isn’t either permanent, complicated, or expensive that I have experienced!

SO many colors to choose from and my salon sells out of the pink-shades as fast as they get them in: a lovely 84 yr. old lady in jeans and a cropped Chanel jacket was cashing out of the salon with several baby-blue strands in her shiny silver hair and I adored her for having such fun with her style!

Literally every woman in the upscale salon I go to was getting some put in after mine were finished! Kiss

You can go for high-contrast and iridescent sparkle or a more subtle look with a gentle glow depending on the color and finish you choose…I like the sparkling ones and am already planning my colors for Fall and Holiday looks! Purples and golds will look fabulous a couple of months.You can put in just several here and there or go for a more dramatic look such as in the pic above depending on what your artistic-design is for your hair…they can be cut and styled to blend in with however you wear your hair!

Here’s my source for reasonably priced “Hair Tinsel” in an incredible array of colors and finishes…super fast free shipping too! You can order sets or individual colors!

I don’t know too many girls who wouldn’t at least give this a try and I just ordered up some sparking pink strands for my granddaughter to have put in when she visits in a couple of weeks: it’s a “safe” look that I can send with her back home to Smalltown, USA and she’ll look like a rockstar! I will also rest assured that I won’t be getting into too much trouble and much better than highlights and glitter liner like I’ve tried in the past, bad Mimi! I’d love to know if any of y’all are also jumping on the tinsel-train in your areas and what colors are you showing off?

Do you also love it when you can change up your looks for just a little cash and really make a statement? Do you also love to take center stage and shine a bit brighter than the rest sometimes by being the first to wear a cool- trend?I love this one and will enjoy it while it’s HOT!

Check it out here!

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