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Meg here with a great new line to tell you about..Blow Styling Products! I was lucky enough to receive the entire line and boy oh boy is it great! There is nothing I love more then a smart entrepreneur unless it is a smart woman entrepreneur. You see, ideas really are a dime a dozen. Oh, I use to have many brilliant and wonderful ideas. My nickname used to be “Kramer” The devils in the details! The follow through is essential! So many times I had thought “EUREKA!” just to wait years for time to go by and kick myself as someone else became rich! There is little recourse in “darn, I thought of that!”

Here’s what I think one of the best things about Blow Styling Products are..The beginning of the “Blow Bar”, the best ideas are when they are created out of a need that women could actually use. Instead of the hhmming and hawwing these 3 bestfriends got together in NYC and did something about it. They created Blow salon in the meatpacking district. A place where women could gather to feel fab and glam and get fast and affordable mani-pedi’s, makeup application and their now famous, signature blow-outs at the “blow bar”. Their dream was so right on target with the feeling of other New York women they’ve now added another Blow to the Upper East Side. Tr’es Chic!

A trip down my ideas..Dog DNA I was watching Oprah a few years back and she had on scientists that has a company that would send in a swab of your cheek to their DNA lab and spit out exactly who your ancestors were and from what village from like a million years or something ago. I look in the mirror-I’m pale. I look at my diningroom table, there’s a Guiness open, my last names O’Brien. My guess is I come from potato harvesters that liked to imbibe. That’s not worht $300. What is? I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I have spent debating what dog breeds must have mated to create Bear and Penny. Hours upon hours. That is why I thought, forget humans.We need Dog DNA for our mutts! Lo and behold, listening to NPR last week, someone else thought that but is just now making millions.

The Talking Vibrator Want to eradicate men? Then look no further! For $19.95 your talking vibrator will say “If you lost more weight you’d be disgusting” and “I love a more mature woman,” “You deserve that bag!” “If they don’t want you then they’re jealous or gay” “God, how am I the luckiest man alive?” I even have the commercial worked out, a well dressed woman walks into a swank restaurant, pulls into her purse, taps the maitre’d, looks straight into the camera and says “Table for two” Then winks!!

Epstein Bar way before NYC came out with their BED Lounge I thought about Epstein Bar. Who says disease can’t have its perks? I hate getting ready on a Friday night. The shower, the hair the makeup the outfit. Why, if you couldn’t just jump into your Nick and Nora’s couldn’t you go relax at everybody’s favorite watering hole Epstein Bar? As far as I’m concerned, the only thing Hefner ever got right was living in his robe. Need I say more??

Alright, obviously I should be part of some government think tank. I won’t bore you with more of my crackpot…Um..Brilliance!

Blow Styling Products really are fantastic, they’re great for anyone that does a lot of heat styling, flat ironing, curlers or relaxers. They really have thought it through. From the time you shampoo up to the end with their “climate neutralizer” you’re very well taken care of. The price is decent too as this has been lasting me quite a long time. I’m also a sucker for cool packaging and I really dig grabbing for these in the morning. I mean, I’m even motivated to use them showering on a Friday night at 8pm (Epstein Bar~where are you?)

Ladies, please let me know if you’ve tried Blow, I’d love to write more but I just had this idea….

Blow~Buy It Here!

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